Bigger than the Big Game

Let the Super Bowl distract you... but not from what’s important.

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Mysterious Ways blogger Adam Hunter

I’m a football fan, and I live in New York, about 12 miles away from where the Super Bowl will be held this Sunday.

So Super Bowl mania is unavoidable. They even closed off a good portion of Manhattan to create something called Super Bowl 48 Boulevard. Ever want to toboggan down Broadway? Well now’s your chance. What does sledding have to do with football? I don’t know.

To be honest, though, I’ve had a hard time getting excited for this year’s big game. Not just because my New York Giants didn’t come close to being involved. It’s been busy at work, getting the April/May issue of Mysterious Ways ready. One of my close family members had a heart arrhythmia, another was in the ICU with a life-threatening condition. I’ve been fighting the flu all week. With all this going on, football became an afterthought.

But I am excited about one thing: My wife and I are hosting our annual Super Bowl party. Our apartment will be full of friends. I couldn’t care less about the final score, who will take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy. But to have a moment to forget the trials and tribulations of the past week, a moment to have fun with the people I care about? In the words of a famous Super Bowl commercial, that’s priceless.

The Super Bowl is about more than just football, or even those expensive ads. For former New York Giant David Tyree, the game was an affirmation of a pledge he made to his wife, and to God. For me, it’s something much simpler–a chance to take a time out from life and gather with those you love.

So no matter whom you root for this Sunday–even if there are rivals butting heads at your party–take a step back from the action on the field to spend some quality time with your friends and family. And while the players are all thanking God for their improbable victory, thank God for the longtime buddy who brought his homemade white bean dip, your uncle who made those spicy chicken wings, your wife who spent the entire first half preparing your halftime BBQ feast... and all the other people who help make this Sunday really something super.

How do you celebrate the big game? Who are your personal MVPs? Share your Super Bowl traditions with us.

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