Comfort from Beyond for Military Families

These stories show us how God provided divine reassurance for the families of fallen heroes.

Posted in , Mar 18, 2021

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After suffering the loss of a loved one, military families can be left with questions, guilt, and profound grief. We’ve collected our most incredible stories that show us how God intervenes to bring reassurance to the families of service men and women—and how our deceased loved ones will always be with us.

1. Her Son’s Bible
It had been just over two years since Julia Wilson’s son, Tyler, a former Marine, had lost his battle with PTSD and taken his own life. Some days, she’d still wake up thinking that it had all just been a terrible dream. She worried that her son died believing God did not love him. Lord, is my son at peace? She asked. One afternoon Julia got a text from an acquaintance of hers who lived in Florida. They’d grown up together but hadn’t really stayed close. “Julia, I know we haven’t spoken in a while,” she texted, “but I had a dream last night I have to tell you about. I don’t know what it means.”
Learn about the dream that brought Julia some much needed reassurance.

2. The Missing Soldier
For decades, Lynn Walker Gendusa kept a bracelet with the name of a missing-in-action soldier on it. Bracelets like these were popular during the Vietnam War. They were part of a national program. For a small donation, you received the name of a soldier who was either being held prisoner or missing in action. The names were selected and sent at random. When the soldier came home or his death was confirmed, you received a notice. Only then were you supposed to take it off. But Lynn never learned the fate of the soldier whose name was on her bracelet. For years she wondered—what ever happened to Robert Dyczkowski?
Read how a chance encounter solves the mystery of a missing Vietnam soldier.

3. Three Signs
Carol Rusaw’s husband, Mike, was a retired senior master sergeant with the U.S. Air Force. When he died suddenly of pancreatic cancer, Carol was faced with planning a funeral. Mike would be buried at Arlington Cemetery with a full military sendoff. But because of a backlog of funerals, the earliest his could happen was November. It was already tough dealing with Mike’s unexpected passing, and now he wouldn’t be laid to rest for almost two months. Closure felt elusive. As the weeks stretched on, Carol couldn’t help but wonder… Was Mike at peace? Would she be okay? Her answer finally came in the form of three signs from beyond.
See the three signs that gave Carol comfort when she needed it most.

4. A Recurring Dream
It was two weeks before the sixth anniversary of when Nadia McCaffrey’s son died while serving in Iraq. For days, she’d been looking through mementos and photographs, preparing for Patrick’s annual memorial service, thinking about all the things she wished she could tell him. That she was doing okay. That his wife, Silvia, and his kids, Janessa and Junior, were thriving. It made sense Nadia would dream of Patrick so close to his memorial. And yet these dreams had felt so incredibly real. “Mom!” he’d said repeatedly. “My son!” It seemed like Patrick was trying to tell her something...
Read the miraculous outcome of Nadia’s divine dreams.

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