Did Coincidence Save These Travelers?

Daniel Kessel rounds up three incredible true stories of rescue ripped from the headlines.

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Mysterious Ways blogger Daniel Kessel

Today’s guest blogger is Mysterious Ways assistant editor Daniel Kessel.

I’m in charge of “Wonderful World,” the section of Mysterious Ways magazine that rounds up incredible news items from around the globe.

Last week, three stories of travelers in danger caught my attention because of the unbelievable circumstances of their rescues–and the plot twists that followed.

A Fateful Accident
Pilot and former firefighter Brian Veatch had just taken off from a small airport outside Denver when his single-engine plane malfunctioned. He tried turning around but couldn’t make it back to the runway in time. The plane went down in a suburban neighborhood, crashing right into a house.

Incredibly, Brian survived. Fortunately, no one was at home. Not only that–Brian crawled out of the plane, walked outside the house and began putting the fire out with a garden hose! Only then did Brian get a good look at the place he'd crashed into: the house he’d lived in a decade ago. A coincidence, or a sign that Brian had been guided down to the ground?

Wrong Flight? Right Time
Nell Mohney’s flight to Jackson, Mississippi, was less eventful. Unfortunately, she’d meant to book a flight to Jackson, Tennessee. She bought a connecting ticket and crammed into a tiny air taxi to make the rest of her journey.

Her fellow close-quarters passenger was a woman, crying hysterically. "I was in no mood to relate to her," Nell wrote in a letter to the Chattanooga Times Free Press. "Yet I asked, 'Is there anything I can do to help?' "

An intense conversation followed. The woman unburdened herself to Nell, and the two discussed keeping faith and hope alive even at the darkest moments. At the end of their plane ride, the woman showed Nell something she’d written before takeoff. A suicide note. She’d been planning to take her life, but not anymore. Nell’s kindness had given the woman a reason to stay alive.

First Comes Rescue, Then Comes Marriage
In Cumbria, England, 37-year-old Ian Mayson also had the chance to help a stranger. He was driving along the highway when he noticed a woman standing by her car, desperately trying to flag someone down. Ian stopped and found that the woman’s 10-year-old daughter, Jessica, wasn’t breathing. He gave the little girl CPR until the ambulance arrived.

Jessica survived, and when her mother found out her hero was single, she couldn’t believe it. She immediately set him up with her friend Andrea.

The two met for a date. Sparks flew. Fast-forward three years... Ian and Andrea are now man and wife! They were married last Saturday, with one very special bridesmaid: Jessica, the girl who brought them together in the most unexpected way.

Have you stumbled upon any wonders in your local news or heard them through the grapevine? Send your discoveries to us!

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