God's Grace

God's grace surrounds us all. Sometimes we see it through everyday miracles that take our breath away. The grace of God can be a shelter from the tumult of the world, a comforting reminder that grace is a free gift given so generously to each of us.
Miracles happen all the time.

Yes, Miracles Really do Happen Every Day

How a seemingly minor decision led to a life being saved.

An artist's rendering of a cowboy serenading a lariat-twirling cowgirl

The Thunderstorm That Helped a Cowboy Woo His Lady

He'd spent years pursuing the girl of his dreams to no avail, but when Mother Nature lent a hand, he finally got the answer he'd hoped for.

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Virgin Mary Church in Zeitoun, Egypt.

When the Virgin Mary Appeared in Zeitoun, Egypt

For centuries, the divine has communicated with human beings through visions. One of the most prominent figures in these miraculous sightings is Mary, the mother of Jesus. When she does appear, it’s usually to one person, like in Guadalupe, or just a few, like the children who saw her in Lourdes. Those instances are easily dismissed by skeptics as mere hallucination, mass hysteria or schemes for attention. But what happens when hundreds of people see the same vision? Thousands? A million? That’s what happened in Cairo, Egypt, some 50 years ago…

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A woman looks heavenward out a window

The Big Question: How Do You Know It's God?

Thinkers, authors and clergypersons tackle the big question: How do you if God is speaking to you in a dream, vision or response to prayer?

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A woman undergoes a near-death experience

The 6 Stages of a Near-Death Experience

From tunnels to pearly gates, near-death experiences are amazingly consistent. Here are the six stages most frequently reported by those who have undergone them.

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Jim returns to the site of his miraculous rescue

Bubba's Miraculous Encounter with God

A freak accident left him convinced he was going to die, but as he lay by the side of a country road awaiting the end, a figure bathed in bright light brought him new hope.

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Executive Editor Rick Hamlin

One Minute with Rick Hamlin: Gratitude as Prayer

Spend a minute with Executive Editor Rick Hamlin as he explores the positive effects of gratitude.

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Lost wallet

How Guideposts Helped Return a Wallet

A mysterious case of lost and found. Or found and lost.

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A detail from William Blake's 'Jacob's Ladder'

William Blake's Doors of Perception

Senior contributing editor Rick Hamlin explores the mystical life and heavenly visions of poet and artist William Blake.

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An artist's rendering of a group of silos

The Miracle That Saved His Son from Death

While he was experiencing a vision that let him knew his son was in trouble, his son was rescued by an invisible hand at his back.

Andrew Garcia has learned the value of gratitude from his accident.

He Started to Give Thanks After This Traumatic Experience

After a terrible accident, a movie screen made him realize that every moment in life should be cherished.

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A young girl smiles as bubbles shes blown cascade down upon her.

The Big Question: Do Miracles Still Happen?

Watch as experts including C. S. Lewis and Billy Graham offer insights on Mysterious Ways magazine's latest Big Question: Do miracles still happen today as they did in Bible times?

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A woman walks down a dark corridor toward a heavenly light

5 Lessons Learned from Near-Death Experiences

Those who undergo near-death experiences often find their outlooks, their attitudes, their very beliefs are changed. Here are five lessons learned from encounters with the afterlife.

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A young girl holding a string of brightly lit lanterns in prayer.

9 Inspiring Quotes from Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel (1907-1972) was a philosopher and civil rights activist best known for his writings on ethics and mysticism. Born into a family of Hasidic rabbis in Warsaw, Poland, he was called to the spiritual life at a young age. In 1939, weeks before the Nazi invasion, Herschel fled to London and then New York City. His mother and sisters died in the Holocaust, a tragedy that greatly shaped Heschel’s theology. Most significantly his conviction that people can choose to live in a state of constant awe and gratitude, and act alongside God to create a better world. A belief that led Heschel to march alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in Selma, of which he famously said, “I felt my legs were praying.” Heschel’s words continue to spur new generations to live in radical amazement.

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