God's Grace

God's grace surrounds us all. Sometimes we see it through everyday miracles that take our breath away. The grace of God can be a shelter from the tumult of the world, a comforting reminder that grace is a free gift given so generously to each of us.

A black lab on a beach landscape.

Miracle on Maui

A breathtaking journey to a mysterious spot in Hawaii turns out to be just the surprise she needed.

Author and Benedictine oblate Christine Valters Paintner

How to Channel Your Inner Monk

Christine Valters Paintner, a Benedictine oblate and best-selling author, shares her tips for finding the mystic within.

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Gloved hands with a safety glass flask in a laboratory.

11 Surprising Accidental Scientific Discoveries

Some of the greatest discoveries in science have been completely accidental. Then again, maybe science had a little help…

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Farmer and folk artist Emery Blagdon

Does This Artistic Creation Have a Kind of Healing Power?

When Emery Blagdon died in 1986 at the age of 79, he left behind a curious treasure on his farm that he called The Healing Machine.

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A young nurse reads the Bible for a patient

A Nurse and a Bible Verse Helped Him to Fully Heal

A burn victim questions whether he deserves the prayers and support he's received, but a few choice words of Scripture from the lips of a kindly nurse open his eyes.

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A young nurse places a comforting hand on the hands of a senior woman

A Heaven-Sent Caregiver for the World's Best Nurse

After devoting her life to caring for others, her mother deserved special treatment in her final years. But where would they find just the right caregiver?

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Lifted out of the water

Lifted Out of the Deep Waters

I didn’t know how to save my daughter. Luckily, someone else did…

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The perfect gift

Finding the Perfect Greeting Card

Have you ever been divinely nudged to buy a gift that turned out to be the best possible choice?

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Mysterious Ways: A Wave of Relief

Mysterious Ways: A Wave of Relief

The beach house was a perfect getaway. But I needed God’s grace to escape my worries.

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Actor John Corbett

John Corbett: The Importance of Saying Yes

His surprising journey from steelworker to actor, the moment that changed his life, and his movie All Saints

My Last Walk with Dad

My Last Walk with Dad

Was it just a dream...or something more?

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Actor Chris Pratt

The Tip That Changed Chris Pratt's Life

Chris Pratt's life and career haven't always been on such an upward path. Not so long ago, a stranger interceded to help him find his way back on track.

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A street lamp shines in the wee hours of the night

The Fourth Watch: Listening for God at Night

See why some Christians believe the late night or pre-dawn hours are a special time to connect with God. 

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Anastiscia Chantler-Lang and her husband, Greg

Divinely Connected Through Lyme Disease

Her doctors were baffled by the mysterious illness that was dismantling the life she'd built. Could the strange dream she'd had be a harbinger of happiness?

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