God's Grace

God's grace surrounds us all. Sometimes we see it through everyday miracles that take our breath away. The grace of God can be a shelter from the tumult of the world, a comforting reminder that grace is a free gift given so generously to each of us.
Dream job

A Loving Farewell to a Dream Job

How God led the way to inspirational work—and colleagues!

A woman peering up at a majestic, gold staircase leading to heaven.

A Staircase from Heaven Lifted Her Spirits

After her father passed away, her loss felt unbearable. Until she had a peculiar dream. . .

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A majestic humpback whale breaching in the blue waters of the ocean.

The Astonishing Wonder of Whales

Research has revealed that these majestic creatures are known to display humanlike emotions. Even compassion.

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Hank the Yorkie in the woods.

A Mysterious Dog Cures Her Loneliness

This Yorkie had emerged from the woods and rain. But who had sent him?

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An artist's rendering of a woman experiencing a spiritual dream

How God Speaks to Us in Dreams

Here are six spiritually significant dreams that may be more than meets the mind’s eyes.

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A curious child peeking out of a large mysterious door that leads to a field of flowers and sunlight.

The Near-Death Experiences of Children

Three children share their once-in-a-lifetime experiences that gave their lives meaning and a strong divine connection.

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Missed Connections

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A basketball in midflight approaches the hoop and backboard

Mysterious Ways: Right Place, Right Time

A little girl's sudden and inexplicable urge to play basketball proves to be a factor in a divine intervention.

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George MacDonald

George MacDonald: The Fantasy Writer Who Shaped C.S. Lewis, J. R.R. Tolkien and Madeleine L’Engle

How little-known writer George MacDonald transformed the fantasy genre.

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A sweet answer to a prayer

A Sweet Answer to a Prayer

A well-timed cupcake offers reassurance after a stressful day at the office.

A majestic whale in emerges from the ocean

The Wondrous Ways of Whales

The ocean and its inhabitants remain mysterious but of all of the creatures of the deep, whales in particular continue to fascinate humanity.

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A young boy holding a teddy bear in a  forest.

Fascinating Facts About the Near-Death Experiences of Children

Nearly 85 percent of children who undergo cardiac arrest have a near-death experience. What exactly do children see in heaven and how does it affect their lives?

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Miracle on Christmas

A Sign from Heaven on Christmas

A grieving daughter receives a beautiful sign of comfort on Christmas day.

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A vintage glass Coke bottle with 'Debbie' on the label.

Could She Reconnect with a Long-Lost Friend?

Roberta Messner wondered if her friend would even want to hear from her

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