God's Grace

God's grace surrounds us all. Sometimes we see it through everyday miracles that take our breath away. The grace of God can be a shelter from the tumult of the world, a comforting reminder that grace is a free gift given so generously to each of us.
Author and Holocaust survivor Michael Bornstein

The Miracle of the Kiddush Cup

In this excerpt from his book, Holocaust survivor Michael Bornstein shares how the preservation of a beloved and sacred family heirlook bolstered his family's faith.

A hunter green mailbox with its red flag raised indicating that there's mail inside

Special Delivery: You'll Never Guess What Was in Their Mailbox

Finding this adorable pooch was an unlikely but pleasant surprise.

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Ruby Stein with her cat, Nikki

A Miraculous Rescue After Five Days Stranded in the Snow

An 85-year-old woman trying to avoid an oncoming winter storm in the Rocky Mountains makes a wrong turn and finds herself stranded for five days with her cat. Would her faith be sufficient to see her through?

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Good Friday cross

Good Friday's Ultimate Love on the Cross

No matter how sad the day, it was Jesus' love for us that we will always find at the cross.

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Holy Week

Happy Holy Week

Being open to the pain of Good Friday allows us to see the approaching bright, brilliant, dazzling, impossible-to-comprehend truth.

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Sarah (left) and her patient, Denise

The Case of the Missing Check

A patient emerging from anesthesia presents a nurse she's never met with a gift the nurse could never have expected.

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Playing a role in someone else's miracle.

A Small Role in Someone Else’s Miracle

When it comes to miracles, God doesn’t always use superheroes.

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An artist's rendering of a deserted, moonlit beach

A Mysterious Stranger Appeared When She Was In Danger

A young woman is threatened on a deserted beach by a man she's only just met. With no one else around, how could she escape unharmed?

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Tova (1), Sarah (2) and Michael (3)

70 Years After the Holocaust, A Miraculous Reunion

A trio of Holocaust survivors, who as children in 1945 were liberated from Auschwitz, are miraculously reunited 70 years later in New Jersey.

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A pair of scrolls found in the caves of Qumran, near the Dead Sea in Israel

The Journey of Archbishop Samuel and the Dead Sea Scrolls

A famous Middle Eastern archbishop changed the biblical world as we know it by safeguarding the famous Dead Sea Scrolls.

An open Bible rests upon a table

The Number 40 in the Bible

The number 40 appears dozens of times across the Old and New Testaments. Discover 6 examples of its significance.

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Author and investigative genealogist Pamela Slaton

How Pamela Slaton Uses Intuition to Reunite Families

We spoke to the author and investigative genealogist about the many miraculous ways she reunites adoptees with their birth families.

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12 Comforting Signs Sent from Heaven

12 Comforting Signs Sent from Heaven

Do our loved ones send us messages from beyond? Click through our gallery of heavenly signs and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Dr. Christopher Kerr sitting on a bed in front of a brilliant sunrise on wheat plains.

What the Dreams of the Dying Tell Us

Q&A with Dr. Christopher Kerr, chief medical officer at the Center for Hospice & Palliative Care in Cheektowaga, New York.

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