God's Grace

God's grace surrounds us all. Sometimes we see it through everyday miracles that take our breath away. The grace of God can be a shelter from the tumult of the world, a comforting reminder that grace is a free gift given so generously to each of us.


Lost and Found in Portugal

Even when you lose your way, God will lead you exactly where you exactly need to be.


The Audacity of Faith

When our human strength is depleted, faith connects us to the source of power.

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Lines of soldiers wade to a civilian craft rescuing them from Dunkirk.

The Four Miracles of Dunkirk

During the darkest hours of World War II, King George VI called for a national day of prayer and churches across Great Britain were filled with people. See how those prayers were answered.

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Audrey and Gracie chat via the internet

A Mother Investigates: Did Her Adopted Daughter Have a Twin?

She didn’t know what gift to get her 10-year-old for Christmas. It turned about to be a miraculous one.

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Surgeon and bestselling author Mary C. Neal

Dr. Mary C. Neal Recalls Her Inspiring Near-Death Experience

Surgeon and bestselling author Dr. Mary C. Neal recounts in detail the near-death experience she went through in 1999 and how it has impacted her life in the years since.

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Candace Payne, the mom who became an internet sensation thanks to a Chewbacca mask

How Chewbacca Mom's Prayer Was Answered

The mother of two who became an internet sensation had one seemingly unattainable dream: To take her family to Disney World.

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A chocolate, teacup poodle posing for the camera.

A Sign She Was the Right Dog

Was the teacup poodle meant to be a part of our family?

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“We can never be sure of the big picture. We can only live in faith and trust,” says Ricardo, here with his wife, Jennette

Ricardo Sanchez: Did Prayers Heal His Son?

Recording artist Ricardo Sanchez's son was hospitalized. He could not have imagined how prayer, a dream, and mysterious coincidence would change his son's life.

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Image in a photo

A Mysterious Sign in a Family Photo

After a family tragedy, a reassuring image brings comfort.

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An African-American woman catching up on beauty sleep.

How Dreams Reconnected Two Sisters

Why did she keep dreaming of her mom and estranged sister...

A red suitcase

The Case of the Missing Suitcase

Two air travelers, exhausted after a string of canceled flights, learn that someone is looking out for them after all.

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Floodwaters of Harvey bring unexpected protection

After Hurricane Harvey, a Visible Sign of God's Protection

How floodwaters delivered unexpected protection to a widow's evacuated home.

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An assortment of laughing faces

Divine Humor: How Laughter Benefits Us Spiritually

A good belly laugh goes a long way toward making most of us feel better, but is there a spiritual benefit to it?

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Bestselling author, motivational speaker and life coach Mastin Kipp

Mastin Kipp on Embracing Life's Divine Storms

The bestselling author and functional life coach shares how a series of events that rattled him to the core proved to be the best thing that could happen to him.

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