10 Tips for Receiving God’s Guidance While You Dream

Use prayer and practice to help you hear God while you sleep.

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Throughout the Bible there are a number of instances where God uses dreams to guide and protect.  From Joseph in Genesis to Solomon in 1 Kings 3:5, God speaks in dreams, in visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in their bed (Job 33:15).  But what if you are someone who hardly ever remembers your dreams and when you do, you only remember confusing bits and pieces?

You can try these 10 tips to help you receive heavenly messages and problem-solving wisdom while you dream.

1. Turn off electronics at least a half hour before you go to bed.  Instead use this time to quiet your mind.

2. Close your eyes and turn your question into a prayer like this: “Dear God, I need your guidance and divine instruction. Please help me with this problem while I sleep.”

3. Relax and leave the situation in God’s hands. Be confident that He hears and will answer you.

4. Use the snooze. Often the best time to remember your dreams is early morning, that fuzzy time right before waking. Linger in bed for 5 to 10 minutes. Don’t concentrate or try. Simply be open to hearing and remembering God’s wisdom.

5. Keep a dream journal. An inexpensive notebook by your bed is perfect. Write down anything at all that you remember.  The more effort you put into remembering your dreams, the more dreams you’ll remember.

6. Be patient.  Don’t expect results overnight. Of course, you might wake up with the answer on the first try, but if it takes longer, that’s completely normal.

7. Make it a habit. Get into the routine of turning off your TV or phone and turning to God in prayer. The more you practice the stronger you will get at remembering your dream life.

8. Trust that God will help you remember what is important in your dream.  Even if you aren’t going through a tough time, or need guidance, your dream life can be a valuable and beautiful extension of your prayer life.

9. Remember that your dreams are very personal.  If a dream confuses you, ask yourself what you think it means or how the dream made you feel.  Look for ways that the dream can be used for healing and moving forward.

10. Thank God for His guidance and keep track of your answered prayer dreams in a special section in your journal.  Over time you’ll be amazed how His counsel has improved the quality of your life.

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