12 Signs of the Beyond from Deceased Loved Ones

by Elena Tafone

Can loved ones send us messages from heaven? According to Bill and Judy Guggenheim, co-authors of the book Hello From Heaven! the answer is yes—and such communications are more common than you think. 

During their seven years of research, the couple interviewed more than 2,000 people who’ve experienced what they call after-death communication, or ADC. They estimate that at least 60 million people—20% of the population of the United States—have had an ADC experience. Other polls estimate that number is much higher.

Some of these experiences take place before the person even knows their loved one has passed. Others happen years later, often during a time when the person needs such a message. The Guggenheims say the messages of ADCs are similar—they offer love, comfort, and reassurance—though the way they’re communicated often differs. Here, Bill Guggenheim breaks down the 12 different categories of ADC experiences.