3 Incredible Stories of Heaven-Sent Homes

These accounts of divine assistance during home hunting quickly became answered prayers.

Posted in , Nov 17, 2021

A cut out of a house with a heart inside; Getty Images

Home is where the heart is—but searching for the right place to call your own can be hard! It’s often a trying process, full of twists, turns, and lots of prayer. Of course, that only makes “home sweet home” that much sweeter when you do find it. Here are three stories of people who got some divine assistance during their house hunts. 

How These Ivy Dishes Drew Their Family Together

Even before she was in the market for a house of her own, Sandy Clay had been collecting little knick-knacks to decorate one. Her most treasured were a set dishes. They were cream-colored and ringed with a beautiful pattern of ivy. Now, Sandy just needed a kitchen to put them in. But as she and her new husband toured house after house, that seemed less and less likely…

Read the rest of Sandy’s story here.

Our Dream House

While Susan Fawcett was used to living within her means, her dreams didn’t know that. One night, Susan dreamed she lived in a castle, one with a perfectly manicured rose garden and a pond filled with glittering koi fish. Then she woke up. She tried to put the dream from her mind, until her husband, Mark, asked her to go on a walk with him. He led her to a two-story house with “For Sale” sign was out front. “I saw it in the real-estate ads yesterday,” Mark explained, “Something told me we should come see it.”

Find out what happened next here.

Heavenly Touches Make This House a Home

It was the plainest house Kathie Kania had ever seen. But it was the only rental in the area. Kathie had always lived in comfortable, quaint homes. She grew up in an 1850s farmhouse with a wood-burning stove. It was quirky—the wavy wood floors, glass bubbles in the windowpanes, the slanting windows in the attic. Even the closets were unique. One had a big, fat doorknob made of brass. Nothing like this new apartment Kathie and her husband had just moved into. As she drifted from room to room, Kathie grew more and more dejected. Until her eyes fell on one of the closet doors. What was it about this door? Something was familiar...

You can read Kathie’s story here.

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