5 Stories of Heavenly Music to Comfort Your Soul

These mysterious melodies, hymns, and instruments brought peace to those who needed it most.

Posted in , Jan 18, 2021

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Composer and Christian mystic Hildegard of Bingen once said, “There is the music of Heaven in all things.” But what does the music of Heaven sound like? According to these stories, we can hear it in a hymn, a music box, or even a Christmas clock. Music has the power to calm our minds and heal our souls. Check out our favorite stories of heaven-sent music that brought comfort to people exactly when they needed it.

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1. A Perfectly Timed Hymn
Mailman Jeffery was overworked, stressed and worried about his future. Finish this shift, get to the next job, study for midterms, practice the sheet music for church, tuck Matt into bed…. His to-do list ran through his head as he followed his new mail route. As he approached a house to deliver letters, Jeffery heard a familiar hymn coming from inside. Little did he know just how important that hymn would be to him that day – and how much it would comfort him years later.

See how Jeffrey’s life was touched by a musical miracle here.

2. Dream of a Green Piano
Music was a big part of Jan’s childhood. Her family had an upright piano in their living room. After a meal or at some slow point in the day, one of her family members would start playing. Eventually everyone would drift toward the living room, singing old hymns or traditional songs. Now, Jan had a family of her own now, with her husband and their young son. Money was tight and a piano was out of the question. So why did Jan have a vivid dream about a green piano out in the middle of the woods?

Learn the meaning behind Jan’s strange dream here.

3. The Voice at the Musical

Beauty and the Beast! Live on stage! It was Karen's mother’s favorite musical. Mom would love this, she thought. She’d been searching for something to cheer her up since Karen’s dad passed away. Her mother had already been living with dementia for a while. Maybe the songs would bring her mother some joy. But when they got to the musical, her mother kept talking and trying to sing along with the actors. Embarrassed, Karen decided it was time for them to leave. Then she heard something—a divine voice with an important message.

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4.  The Christmas Clock

The past few years had been difficult for Maella. She’d served in the Army for 26 years and lived in Western Europe with her husband and daughters. Now she was retired and divorced. Her daughters were grown and living on their own. Her life felt small compared to the adventure it had once been. One thing that always lifted her spirits was the Christmas clock in her kitchen. Every night at 11 o’clock, it would play “Silent Night.” She really needed it tonight, but when the second hand passed the hour mark without a peep, her heart sank. The music mechanism must have broken. Would it ever play again?

Read how her Christmas clock taught Maella to move forward.

5. The Music Box

Barbara’s sister gave her a music box that looked exactly like their childhood church, complete with stained glass windows and a little golden church bell tucked inside the steeple. It reminded Barbara of their late father, who had always led the song selection on Sundays. Barbara had been thinking about her dad a lot recently. I wished he could still be with my sister and me now, she thought. Barbara called her sister up to thank her for the perfect gift. Little did she and her sister realize how perfect it was...

Find out what made Barbara’s music box so special.

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