5 Stories of Heavenly Rescues

Lost in the dark, these people were saved by God’s divine light.

Posted in , Jul 18, 2022

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All of us have been lost at one point or another. We’ve taken a wrong turn, been led astray by a faulty GPS, or lost sight of the path ahead in the rain or snow. But in those moments—in those times of darkness—know that you’re never alone. God always meets us in our times of confusion and darkness, and leads us out of peril. Here’s of collection of stories about people who were lost and afraid—and how God’s light led them to safety.

A Mysterious Light Guided Two Lost Hikers to Safety

Harry and his date, Lisa, and were huddled in the pitch black on a wooded ridge in the Colorado Rockies. All around them were rocks and sheer drops. They’d lost the trail. They were still a mile or more from the car. And it was getting colder by the minute. God, we need light, Harry prayed silently. When he looked down, he gasped. His feet were illuminated in a blue-green glow. But where was it coming from?

Read Harry’s story here.

Lost on the Night Before Christmas

Genevieve was driving home from a Christmas party when construction sent her off on an alternate route. Now, she was in the parking lot of a shopping mall, hopelessly lost. She drove in circles around the deserted lot, trying to get her bearings. But she didn’t have a GPS, didn’t have a cell phone. And at this hour, on Christmas Eve, there wasn’t anybody to ask for directions. What she needed was a Christmas miracle.

Read Genevieve’s story here.

This Mysterious Light Led Her Out of a Blizzard

This morning, the snow hadn’t been too bad. But, now, it was really coming down and Nancy’s truck was stuck. It would take her about 15 minutes to walk back home. So, Nancy turned off the truck and stepped out onto the road. The wind rocked her back, and the driving snow stung her face. She held her purse out in front of her like a shield and started walking towards the house. By now, it was a complete whiteout. And Nancy couldn’t see where she was going…

Read the rest of Nancy’s story here.

A Guiding Light on the Yellow River

Robert and his daughter, Candi, were canoeing along Florida’s Yellow River. The day had started out perfect, but only half an hour into their trip, the sky turned dark and thunder rumbled. They needed to go ashore, but the rain was so heavy, they couldn’t see more than a few feet ahead of them—until they spotted a strange, yellow light in the distance.

Find out what happened next here.

How Mysterious Tracks Gave Her Hope in a Snowstorm

Gena had been driving for a while when the snow started to fall. What was supposed to be a four-hour trip from Red River, New Mexico, to Durango, Colorado had become a slow crawl through treacherous mountain roads. Her cell phone didn’t have reception. No one knew where she was. As the sun started to set, Gena prayed for help. Then she saw it—a pair of lights up ahead. Gena blinked hard, then peered ahead. There they were. Taillights!

Read about the mysterious vehicle that led her to safety, here.

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