5 Thrifted Items That Were Divinely Found

These incredible finds at second-hand shops and sales show us you can’t put a price tag on a miracle.

Posted in , Jan 18, 2021

Thrift store merchandise; Getty Images

Garage sales, thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales... You can stumble across some hidden treasures at them. But what about a miracle? Could a hidden hand be at work in those bargain bins? Check out our favorite stories of special items that were miraculously found in the most surprising ways. 

The Vintage Tin

When Robin’s dad visited her in California for Father’s Day, he only wanted to do one thing: go antiquing. He and Robin’s mom owned an antique store back home in Delaware. Robin perused the flea market tables when something caught her eye. A tiny tin with a strawberry logo and two words at the bottom: Dover, Delaware. A city 30 minutes from her hometown. Her dad bought it for her, to remind her of home. It was one of Robin’s favorite antiquing finds. She didn’t realize how important that tin was until many years later…

Find out how Robin’s flea market find was a sign for the future here.

A Message from Mom

Daryl was driving home when she saw a sign for a garage sale. Maybe it would help her get her mind off those medical test results she was waiting on. She’d developed a pain on her right side that was getting worse every day. She was terrified of meeting the same fate as her mother, who had died suddenly of ALS. “Please help, Mom,” she whispered, as she searched the garage sale tables. “Show me that everything’s going to be okay.” That’s when she noticed a ceramic bunny with big eyes. Something about it looked so familiar…

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Thrift Store Miracle

It was December 23rd and Pauline still didn’t have a single present to put under the tree for her family. Money was tight. Her husband was on disability and her boss had just cut back her hours at work. God, she’d prayed on the drive to the thrift store, give us only what we need. That’s all I ask for Christmas. A chess set for her husband. A picture frame for her parents. And how was she going to afford the brand-name craft set her son and all his friends were going crazy over? The selection at the thrift store was less than desirable. Would God provide?

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A Mysterious Camera

Thirteen-year-old Addison was spending time with his grandmother, Lois, visiting yard sales around town. One item caught his eye: an old Polaroid camera for only one dollar. When he got home, Addison opened the camera to find a photograph still stuck inside. It showed a young man and woman sitting on a sofa. Addison showed it to his grandmother. Lois held the photo in her hands, shocked. "Where did you get this?" she asked.

Discover Addison and Lois's amazing connection to the photograph here.

The Angel Pin

Diana was a big jewelry person, so she walked straight up to the jewelry table at the garage sale. She found an assortment of necklaces and jewelry boxes, but nothing caught her eye. She browsed the other tables and then headed back to find her mom. She passed by the jewelry table again and looked down once more. That’s when she saw it. A tiny gold pin at the edge of the table. She picked it up. It was a guardian angel in a circle of diamonds. Where in the world had it come from? Diana was pretty sure it wasn’t there when she’d first stopped at the table. It was like it had just appeared out of nowhere for her to find! Just like years ago, when she was a young child…

Learn the significance of the angel pin here.

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