5 Unbelievable Stories of God's Wonder

God is the master of surprises. Sometimes it can even feel like he’s playing tricks...

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5 Unbelievable Stories of God's Wonder

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Not to worry. I don’t have any tricks up my sleeves. But to celebrate this occasion, I compiled a list of some of our most unbelievable–but true–stories.

God is the master of surprises. Sometimes it can even feel like he’s playing tricks. And then, in an instant, he takes my breath away with a completely unexpected turn of events.

Here are a few of my all-time favorite stories. What are your top picks?

1. Shielded by the Lord
Pastor Dave had just completed his last round of chemo when the unthinkable happened: His appendix burst. Surgery wasn’t an option–the chemotherapy had made him too weak. But without the surgery he didn’t stand a chance. So how in the world did he survive?

2. Her Prayer for the Orange Trees
Carolyn couldn’t help but worry when unusually cold weather hit her town in California. The orange trees in her family’s orchard would never make it. After five nights of below-freezing temperatures, she surveyed the damage. All the trees except for two were spared! Find out how in this amazingly sweet story.

3. Safe Keeping
Barbara found the peculiar gold case on an “Everything Fifty Cents” table at an antique store. It was no bigger than a pocket watch and hidden inside was a heart-shaped perfume bottle. Something about it spoke to her. Only later did she find out why.

4. One Last Blessing from Dad
Buddy had been put in charge of getting his son’s shoes ready for his upcoming wedding. The only problem? The shoe repair shop had completely ruined them. Now more than ever, Buddy wished his own father was around. He’d died a few years earlier. He would’ve known just what to do. Little did Buddy know his father was about to save the day one last time...

5. Resurrected by a Hallelujah
Evangelina Garza was pronounced dead and yet, somehow, she came back to life. This story is a thrilling play-by-play account of her out-of-body experience. Warning: You will get goosebumps!

Don’t forget to share your favorite story–or a personal miracle–by commenting below or via email

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