7 Father’s Day Stories to Remember Fathers Lost

These stories prove a dad’s love never dies, even after he is gone.

Posted in , Jun 16, 2016

7 Father's Day stories about a love that never dies

Last year, just before Father’s Day, I wrote about how my father nearly died from a mysterious ailment before I was even born. A lot of the stories sent to me by Mysterious Ways readers since have made me appreciate how blessed I am to still have my dad in my life. For me, Father’s Day is a chance to show my dad how much I appreciate him. For others though, who have had to grieve the loss of their fathers, the day can be difficult.

It doesn’t have to be. Of course, it’s natural for the holiday to stir up feelings of sadness, but it’s also an opportunity to reconnect with your favorite memories of dear old dad. Sometimes, you’ll get a little help in that regard… a glimpse of something that touches your heart and reminds you of the bond you shared.

Here are a few stories told to us by our readers, about the moment they felt their father’s love cross the barrier between heaven and earth…

1)  Dad’s Last Touchdown
Three weeks after Jodi Puckett lost her father, nicknamed “Hoss,” she visited his grave. An unmistakable sign from heaven arrived to show her that she wasn’t alone.

2)  A Little More Time
Mike Kuty’s father died not long before his wedding day, but Mike is convinced Dad made time for the special occasion.


3)  Follow the Cigar
Marilyn Sharrow lost precious photographs of her father when she left them absentmindedly on the roof of her car. She has a feeling Dad helped her get those photos back.

4)  The Siren
Kay McDaniel’s dad didn’t need to be in the car with her to remind her to slow down.

5)  When God Adjusts the Thermostat
Sheryl Smith-Rodgers and her father always fought over control of the A/C. After his death, Sheryl believes he found a way to warm her soul.

6)  The Music Box
Barbara Womer received a gift from her sister—with a song from their father hidden inside.

7)  One Last Blessing From Dad
Buddy Shear’s father always came through for him. He helped Buddy come through for his son too.

What gifts did your dad leave behind? When have you felt his presence? What’s your favorite memory? Share your remembrances with us.

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