A Beautiful 'Coincidence'

How small, seemingly insignificant actions on our part can play into God’s bigger plans

Posted in , Jan 27, 2015

Snowy day. Photo by Thomas Zsebok Images, Thinkstock.

As I got ready for work yesterday, I wondered what I would blog about. I had a lovely weekend hanging out with friends and wandering around the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

But nothing particularly noteworthy took place. Unless you counted the monster of a snowstorm that was making its way to New York City.

By the time I left my apartment, I still had no ideas for a blog post. Though I did make a mental note to send an email to Sabra Ciancanelli.

Sabra is a Daily Guideposts writer and an online editor here at Guideposts. Last week, I was supposed to send her a Mysterious Ways newsletter story I was editing. But I was a little late. The author of the piece–a woman named Maria–was double checking something in the story. Hence the delay.

As soon as I arrived to my desk, I typed out an email to Sabra and attached the story file. Just as I was about to click “Send,” I noticed that the story attachment was labeled “020415 Newsletter–Maria REV2.”

Now, usually I’m pretty good about naming my files. I don’t typically include the author’s name or abbreviations that only make sense to me! But the story was already late, and I didn’t want to waste another minute renaming it. It’s fine, I told myself. I’m sure Sabra won’t mind.

A few minutes later, I got a response from Sabra. Thankfully she didn’t mind that the story was late. But there was something else in her reply.

“A quick story since I know you like little miracles,” Sabra wrote. “My sister died in her sleep a few years ago. I was missing her a lot today since we lived close we'd always talk about the weather, and this big snowstorm had my heart aching a little. 

“I just got your email and the name of the document is Maria. My sister's name. Made me smile–a beautiful coincidence.”

Wow! Not only did Sabra give me something to write about, but her email reminded me of something important. How small, seemingly insignificant actions on our part can play into God’s elaborate plans.

To think that my hesitation in renaming the attachment, the author’s delay in getting the story to me and an impending snowstorm all came together in a moment that gave someone much-needed comfort.

Sure, it was a little miracle, as Sabra said. But one that meant a great deal nonetheless. Who knows how many times we’ve played a role in someone else’s miracle without even knowing it.

What about you? Have you ever assisted in a miracle without realizing it until later? Share your story below! 

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