A Christmas Gift of Goats

How did a good friend know about a fascination with Morocco's tree-climbing goats?

Posted in , Dec 11, 2015

A Christmas gift of goats.

Did you know that goats climb trees?

At least, that’s what they do in Morocco. Curious goats, enticed by the fruit that grows on Moroccan Argania trees, climb right up the branches and feast.

I first read about this phenomenon back in September and was completely delighted by it. Goats… on trees! I even emailed myself a reminder to blog about it at a future date. Of course, that email got lost in my inbox. Soon it was November, and I forgot all about those tree-climbing goats.

Then, the weekend before Thanksgiving, I met up with my friend, Ada, in Soho to go shopping. She came bearing a gift. An early Christmas present–she’d been talking about it non-stop since October. (I told Ada that Christmas gifts were meant for Christmas, but she’s really the kind of gal who marches to the beat of her own drum!)

I pulled out my early Christmas gift from its bag. A calendar. Not just any calendar, though. This one had goats on it. Goats in trees.

I stared at Ada, stunned. She was smiling like she could hardly contain herself. I racked my brain. Think, Diana, think! Had I told Ada about my fascination with goats on trees? Was this an inside joke I just couldn’t remember?

“Thank you so much!” I said. “I love goats on trees…did I tell you that? Is that why you got me this calendar?”

Now it was Ada’s turn to look confused. “No, I just saw it in a store and instantly thought of you!”

We were both flabbergasted. I asked Ada when she found the calendar. End of September, she said. Shortly after I first came across Morocco’s climbing goats. Was it just a weird coincidence or something more?

I like to think it’s one of those inexplicable mysteries of friendship. One of the many wonders of this world. Kind of like goats climbing trees!

What do you think: coincidence or “mysterious ways”? Share your thoughts below.

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