A Collection of Divinely Guided Cat Stories

Having a cat in your life can be an enriching, rewarding experience. Here are several stories of other cats who also seemed to be guided by something more. Something divine.

Posted in , May 18, 2021

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Dogs may be man’s best friend, but as a cat owner, I can tell you there’s nothing quite like the love of a cat. Unlike dogs, who often trust people easily, cats can be standoffish. You have to earn their affection. That’s what makes it all the more special when they finally give it.

Having a cat in your life can be an enriching, rewarding experience. My own feline companion, Des, dropped into my life one day in such an incredible way that I know it was meant to be. Here are several stories of other cats who also seemed to be guided by something more and almost divine.

The Comfort Cat Who Saved This Iraq Veteran's Life

After years of military service, Josh Marino returned home with a traumatic brain injury and PTSD. Hurting and struggling to readjust to civilian life, he considered ending it all… until a stray kitten stumbled into his life and changed everything.

Read Josh’s story here.

How Faith Helped Her Find Her Lost Cat
Sister Sharon Dillon’s cat, Baby-Girl, had been missing for six months. Her father told her she should prepare for the worst. “Sharon, you have to be realistic,” he said. “She’s been gone too long. You’re not going to find her.” But the nun couldn’t shake the feeling that she’d see Baby-Girl again. It wasn’t just a matter of time—it was a matter of faith.

Read Sister Sharon’s story here.

How 3 Cats Helped Her Heal
Marilyn Sansom’s three cats, Schnookie, Ophelia and Simon, were all rescues. They had always depended on her for everything. But after her open-heart surgery, she was the one that needed help. And her feline friends returned the favor.

Find out how…

The Heaven-Sent Comfort Cat
Willow the cat has been a resident of Madrid Home Communities for years. But when she first arrived, nurse Carla Werre was skeptical. She was worried after a cat underfoot would bother the residents. That couldn’t have been farther form the truth…

Read about Willow here.

Pair of Kittens Reunited After 2 Years
When Catherine Herrera told her daughter that she could adopt a cat, she meant one cat—singular. Their apartment didn’t allow more than one animal. But the two kittens they’d found in the shelter, Caramel and Butter, were a bonded pair. Brothers. They picked one, and Catherine promised her daughter that the brothers would eventually be reunited. Was it a promise she could keep?

Find out here.

The Cat of Her Dreams
Marion Bond West wasn’t ready for another cat, not after the death of her beloved Minnie. She didn’t want to ever go through that kind of heartbreak again. But she kept having an recurring dream. A dream about cats…

Read about Marion’s dream here.

A Cat with a Divine Mission
Sula is a cat with a mission—a divine one. She’s not a housecat, but a cherished member of the congregation at California’s Old Mission San Juan Bautista. There, she ministers to those in need, providing comfort and guidance wherever she goes.

Read more about Sula here.

The Perfect Home for This Stray Cat
Mary Nichols already had two cats, so when her daughter found a stray, hungry and alone in a parking lot, Mary had no intentions of keeping her. “We’ll take her for the time being,” she told her daughter. “But just remember, she can’t stay. God will find a loving home for her somewhere.” They’d know it when they found it…

Read the rest of Mary’s story here.

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