A Curious Case of the Daniels

Is it God’s assurance of being in the right place or just a coincidence?

Posted in , Mar 1, 2016

Coincidence or a sign from God?

For quite some time now, a weird mystery has been unfolding in my life. Only, I can’t decide if it’s really mysterious or just a coincidence.

Allow me to explain. In 2010, I started working at a company as a copywriter. Eventually, I ended up sitting next to another copywriter there named Daniel.

I left that job in 2013 and, at my new workplace, I sat right across from someone else named Daniel.

Next came my job at Guideposts, where for two years I sat in front of assistant editor Daniel Kessel. I thought the name coincidence was kind of funny. Especially when Guideposts editor Danielle Lyle moved into our cubicle area. We called ourselves the “3 D’s.”

But then it got sort of weird. When Dan left Guideposts last September, a new editor took his place and his desk–Daniel Hoffman, or as we initially called him “New Dan.” What were the chances? These weren’t random Daniels that I knew from afar at each company, but people I worked with closely. 

The only exception to the “Dan at work” phenomenon was my very first job out of graduate school, where I sat in front of… Don, who is still one of my good friends.

Of course, Daniel and Donald were popular names in the ‘80s, so perhaps it makes sense that I’ve encountered those names at work. But could it also be God’s way of reassuring me that I’m where I need to be with every new job?

What do you think…what does the surplus of Daniels (plus a Don!) mean? Or, does it mean nothing at all?

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