A Different Take at the Biltmore Estate

Exploring the grounds of a famous home, a magical place full of gardens and wildlife

Posted in , Oct 24, 2014

Photo of a water lily at Biltmore Estate, by Judy Royal Glenn

The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC, is a magical place because of the nature and wildlife that can be found to photograph. I make a yearly trip after leaving a writer’s conference in May.

The estate hosts a variety of subjects to photograph from farm animals to wildlife and nature including acres of gardens. I don’t tour the mansion, but have a different take than most tourists and spend my entire day photographing outside.

I usually park at the main garden and photograph the beautiful array of flowers, then meander toward the Biltmore House. Several ponds teaming with fish and water lilies can be found there.

This year, the lagoon had an abundant amount of goslings. When I first arrived, a couple was sitting at the water’s edge feeding 30 goslings. I enjoyed watching and photographing them.

There are 8000 acres on the estate, so I should not have been surprised one year to find a field of horses to photograph. Take a right on the road past the lagoon, and you will find a pasture of sheep.

My last photographic journey this year ended at the farm at Antler Hill Village. The highlight of my farm visit was photographing Buster, one of the young goats.

Your trip to the Biltmore Estate will probably be a lot different than mine, but if you are looking for an abundance of wildlife and nature, look no farther.

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