A Divine Vine, or Just a Coincidence?

Sometimes we encounter something that makes us pause and wonder: Are we seeing a sign from God? Could the divine resemblance be more than a coincidence?

Posted in , Jul 29, 2011

When Don Taylor looked at this vine growing up a utility pole in Littleton, Colorado, he thought it looked familiar. Although not a religious man, Don thought the vine looked a lot like Christ on the cross.

Ever since he posted the photo on Facebook, the vine has become something of a local celebrity, drawing people of faith to marvel at how a simple plant could have taken on such a unique shape—directly across from a church.

Photo by Don Taylor

Of course, we hear about this sort of thing all the time, everything from Jesus’s face on a piece of toast to the Virgin Mary appearing in a water stain.

Sometimes sights like this can provide more than just a coincidental resemblance (or a skeptical chuckle). I remember two Mysterious Ways stories we published back in the early '80s, one year apart from each other. One was the story of a strange ear of corn in a Maryland farmer’s field—an ear of corn that may have been a message from God. The other story also came from a farmer, this time in Iowa, about an oddly colored rock that may have saved the man and his wife from disaster.

Here at the Guideposts office, we’ve had a few encounters with images and sights we couldn’t quite believe were only coincidence. We’d love to see more photos—of the mysterious sights you have witnessed that inspired you.

You can email your photo and a brief story to [email protected]. We'll showcase some of the best ones on our blog. So keep your eyes open for inspiration!

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