A Love Letter from Heaven

A man finds comfort in an unexpected place after his wife has gone on to heaven.

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Life after Death blogger Trudy Harris

A wonderful and handsome couple who lived in my neighborhood had been happily married for 52 years. Together they lived the good life, entering into everything they enjoyed with zest and spirit. They were well thought of by everyone who knew them.

Cancer reared its ugly head and the lovely wife struggled with it for years. The compassion and caring between them was a beautiful thing to see. She died about a month ago and moved into the heavenly home she knew was waiting for her.

A few weeks after she died, her husband was cleaning things up when he came across the last book she had read. He tossed it in the trash without thinking. Their little dog raised quite a commotion, barking and jumping up and down near the trashcan, but he paid no attention.

He left the room to tend to other things and when he returned, he discovered that the dog had rescued the book from the trash and would not be deterred; he continued to bark.

When the man picked the book up, a love letter from his wife fell onto the floor. In it she expressed her final wishes to him. How good God is to allow this husband to find comfort in his wife’s final words, even after she had gone on to heaven.

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