A Miraculous Silver Lining

The victim of a violent attack comes to view the world in a new way, placing him on a path to creativity.

In 2002, 31-year-old Jason Padgett was an aimless college dropout living in Tacoma, Washington, selling futons at his dad’s furniture shop.  Then one night, he was attacked by muggers and received a blow to the head that changed his life forever.

After the attack, Jason slowly developed the ability to draw intricate geometrical designs by hand, never-ending patterns often found in nature. “There is more that we cannot see in the universe than we can see,” Jason writes.

In the October/November 2015 issue of Mysterious Ways, editor Diana Aydin and I teamed up to tell Jason’s story. Click through the slideshow to see some of his geometrical genius for yourself.—Daniel Kessel

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