A Miraculous Silver Lining

A Miraculous Silver Lining

In 2002, 31-year-old Jason Padgett was an aimless college dropout living in Tacoma, Washington, selling futons at his dad’s furniture shop.  Then one night, he was attacked by muggers and received a blow to the head that changed his life forever.

After the attack, Jason slowly developed the ability to draw intricate geometrical designs by hand, never-ending patterns often found in nature. “There is more that we cannot see in the universe than we can see,” Jason writes.

In the October/November 2015 issue of Mysterious Ways, editor Diana Aydin and I teamed up to tell Jason’s story. Click through the slideshow to see some of his geometrical genius for yourself.—Daniel Kessel

  • Guideposts: Planck Space Time, 2010

    Planck Space Time, 2010

    The morning after his accident, Jason’s vision was altered. Light radiated in perpendicular lines and everything took on a new dimension, as if he were looking through a kaleidoscope.

  • Spiral Scalar, 2008

    Spiral Scalar, 2008

    Over the next few years, Jason became obsessed with geometry, especially the concept of pi. He hadn’t made it past pre-algebra in high school, but now he had an intuitive understanding of complex mathematical concepts. 

  • Guideposts: The Quantum Realm II

    The Quantum Realm II

    Eventually, 4 years after the accident, Jason enrolled at Tacoma Community College to learn the fundamentals of math. That’s where he blossomed and met the love of his life, Elena, over one of his awe-inspiring drawings.

  • Guideposts: 720 Pi Half Rainbow

    720 Pi Half Rainbow

    Jason went through a period of depression because he couldn’t explain what he saw to his family, friends or doctors. He started drawing as a way to express his new visions.

  • Guideposts: Quantum Blackhole, 2008

    Quantum Blackhole, 2008

    “Notice how this image is all right triangles making rotating squares. The squares make more and more squares. The definition of a fractal is a shape that when decomposed the pieces are the same or similar to the whole.”—Jason Padgett

  • Guideposts: Quantum Hand Through My Eyes, June 7, 2006

    Quantum Hand Through My Eyes, June 7, 2006

    “This is how I see my hand. Quantum vibrations, vibrating through all possible paths and I see the one that is relative to me. Look at your own hand and see the fractal lines created by the cells as they multiply. See how the groves form a specific print. That pattern is a fractal pattern. Everything that exists are fractals, even us.”—Jason Padgett

  • Guideposts: Quantam Cross Hand-Drawn, 2010

    Quantam Cross Hand-Drawn, 2010

    “Quantum cross and space time.”—Jason Padgett

  • Guideposts: Photon Interference Fractal, 2012

    Photon Interference Fractal, 2012

    “Beautiful quantum interference patterns. Creates perfect symmetry and fractal qualities. Space time is truly beautiful beyond imagination. There is more that we cannot see in the universe than we can see.”—Jason Padgett

  • Guideposts: Wave Particle Duality, 2010

    Wave Particle Duality, 2010

    “Wave Particle duality is one of the most astounding discoveries ever made. Light behaves as a wave when it is not observed but behaves as a particle when observed. We all vibrate through the structure of space time and we make waves just like photons. So are we particles or waves? We are both. Observation creates your reality. Math and Art blended as one and the same...pure geometry.”—Jason Padgett

  • Guideposts: Towards Pi 3.141552779 Hand Drawn, 2011

    Towards Pi 3.141552779 Hand Drawn, 2011

    “This is a drawing of Pi as it expands forever closer to a circle.”—Jason Padgett



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