A Mysterious Find

Mysterious Moments can happen anytime, anywhere, as a friend of assistant editor Daniel Kessel's discovered.

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Mysterious Ways blogger Adam Hunter

Today’s guest blogger is Mysterious Ways assistant editor Daniel Kessel.

A few months ago our managing editor, Adam Hunter, asked: What’s your Mysterious Moment? You, our readers, have stepped up to the plate.

The amazing stories you continue to send in only reaffirm my belief that Mysterious Moments can happen anytime, anywhere–sometimes even in our sleep. My friend Paul, from Wilmington, Delaware, can attest to that.
“The strangest thing just happened,” Paul wrote in a text message a few weeks back. Sounded mysterious, so I called to hear the full story.

“I had just woken up from a nap,” Paul began. “Earlier in the day I was helping my dad move some furniture into storage, so I was zonked. I slept for 20 minutes. When I got up, I had to go out to the store, but I couldn’t find my brown leather wallet anywhere.

“I looked all over–in the couch cushions, on the table, even in the fridge! The only other place it could be was outside. Maybe I’d dropped it while I was walking my dog earlier. I went out to the yard to check.

“All I could see was snow–no brown wallet in sight. I walked all the way to the edge of my property, near the sidewalk, just to cover all my bases. That’s when something shiny caught my eye. Not the wallet... a pair of keys and a cell phone, just lying there in the snow!”

Who did they belong to? The phone, though undamaged by the elements, didn’t have any battery left, so Paul brought it inside the house and charged it. As soon as the phone turned back on, it made a screeching noise. This phone has been lost, read a text box on the screen. Please call the following number…

Paul called right away and explained where he’d found it. One of his neighbors, a woman he had never spoken to before, was on the other end. She must have dropped the keys and cell phone, she explained, when she was out walking her dog. She drove over and picked up the missing items, thanking Paul for finding them.

Paul was happy to help a neighbor, but what about his missing wallet?

After his neighbor left, he scanned the living room once more. His eyes fell on the couch where he’d taken his nap. But that was the first place he’d looked! He decided to give it a last check. He removed the cushions one by one, till something dropped to the ground. Something he could’ve sworn wasn’t there before. The brown leather wallet he’d been searching for.

It’s not the first time a mysterious turn of events has allowed someone to help a person in their community, and I am positive it won’t be the last. These moments are glimpses behind the curtain, a hint of the bigger plan we all fit into.

How about you–what’s your Mysterious Moment?

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