A Mysterious Sight in the Sky

One Guideposts reader shares her Mysterious Ways photograph, in which she received a reassuring sign of divine protection.

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Mysterious Ways blogger Adam Hunter

A few weeks ago, I asked for your "Mysterious Moments," pictures capturing a miraculous sight that brought you comfort or reassurance. Reader Margretha Ellis of Walnut Grove, Mississippi, answered the call, with an inspiring story and breathtaking photo.

Margretha had been terrified of storms for years, ever since a strong one caused a large tree to fall on her home. After a record-setting month of severe storms in Mississippi, she was on edge. She'd slept little in the last few days, worried about the weather reports warning more tornadoes were on the way. "It seemed like I had been saying weather-related prayers almost ceaselessly for the last several weeks," Margretha says. But they didn't ease her fears.

Then, one afternoon, her town's tornado siren blared again. Margretha looked outside. "The tornado front appeared to be heading right for us," she says.

Margretha hid in the linen closet until the storm passed. When the tornado siren stopped, she looked outside. There was only minor damage; thankfully the tornado had taken a path to the east.

"The sun came out while it was still raining lightly," Margretha says. She ran inside, grabbed her camera, and began taking photos of a rainbow. Then she noticed a strange cloud formation to the east, with an unusual peachy pink color and flashes of what looked like orange lightning. Margretha snapped a few more photos before going back inside.

The next morning, she downloaded the photographs from her camera onto her computer. As she looked at the pictures, she flipped to the one of the strange cloud. Something caught her eye, something she hadn't noticed the day before. "There, to the left of that strange cloud, I clearly saw what appeared to be an angel or a cross!" Margretha says. "We had, indeed, been watched over during the storm."


"The photo wasn't photoshopped or edited," Margretha says. For her, it was a reminder to stop worrying so much about the weather and trust in God.

Do you have a picture of something miraculous you've witnessed or experienced? Send the photo, and your story, to [email protected].

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