A Mysterious Sign in a Family Photo

After a family tragedy, a reassuring image brings comfort.

Posted in , Oct 12, 2017

Image in a photo

Have you ever received an incredible sign from above in a photograph?

That’s what happened to today’s guest blogger Gigi Gerlach. In 2014, Gigi’s youngest son, Scott, took his own life. After his funeral, Gigi’s family discovered something in a photograph that gave them great comfort in the darkest of times.

Here’s Gigi’s story:

Back in August 2014, my family got together for a little reunion weekend. All four of my grown children came to my house in West Virginia with their spouses and kids. It was absolutely wonderful. We laughed, reminisced and bonded. My youngest son, Scott, who lived next door to my husband and me, was there too. He’d been struggling with drug addiction for some time. He was normally not so social, but this particular weekend he was different. He stayed at our house with his siblings and their families. He even went to a local hot dog festival with us.

Because everyone was home, I insisted on getting a family picture of all of us together. We took turns sitting on the front porch glider and snapping photos.

Just two weeks later, Scott took his life. We were completely devastated. After the funeral, my oldest son, Craig, returned home and looked at the photos he took on his phone during our family weekend.

Craig texted the family one of the photos he’d taken of all of us scattered on the front porch. There was Scott standing by our front door in his red tank top, watching the action. My husband pointed out the reflection of our neighbor’s house on our glass front door. There was a strange spot in one of the windows of the house. It looked like a person’s face.

We texted Craig about it. He responded with an enlargement of the photo. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. In the window of my neighbor’s house, reflected on our front door, was an image of Jesus!

I went back to that photo time and time again in the weeks and months after. It gave me such comfort. To know that Jesus was with our family that weekend in August. That he was watching over Scott. Watching over all of us, always.

In devastating situations like this, I am reminded that the Lord said, “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” I have proof that he didn’t.

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