A Reminder of God's Love

On a day when she's feeling blue, a woman receives reassurance that she is loved.

- Posted on Oct 20, 2012

A red leaf in the shape of a heart

I dragged myself out from under the covers. I used to wake up excited about the possibilities of a brand-new day, but lately I’d been depressed. I’m just feeling unloved, Lord, I thought as I went into the bathroom to splash some cold water on my face.

My husband and I had grown apart. We’d stopped being loving like we used to be. I doubted our marriage would survive.

Drying off my face with a hand towel I opened my eyes. There in the middle of the bathroom floor was a leaf. How had the wind blown it all the way inside? I wondered.

I bent down and picked it up. Two big curving slopes at the top came together in a point at the bottom. A perfect heart! All at once, a sensation of love swept over me. My husband and I weren’t feeling as close as we used to, but an angel wanted to remind me that God’s love never waned. He had good things in store for me this brand-new day.

Eventually my husband and I did divorce, although we remain friends. But I’ll never forget my heartshaped message, and know that I am always cherished.


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