A Song of Everyday Miracles

It’s precious to think about how the Lord walks with me daily, revealing himself tenderly.

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A beautiful lake, trees and sky with the words, "You are there for me."

Today I’d like to share a video for one of my favorite songs. 

In “Everyday Miracles” Sara Groves sings of how the Lord, the mighty miracle maker, is active and present in our everyday lives. It’s precious to think about how the one who holds all power and glory would be so compassionate to walk with me daily. Revealing himself in tender ways. Strengthening my faith. Sustaining me. Reaching into my life and creating everyday miracles that are personal and powerful. To think of it moves my spirit. To see it floods my heart with gratitude for grace.

Sara’s song expresses this miracle so beautifully.





Oh, how he must love us!

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