A Sweet Answer to a Prayer

A well-timed cupcake offers reassurance after a stressful day at the office.

Posted in , Jan 31, 2019

A sweet answer to a prayer

Last week, I was having a stressful day. I went for a walk during lunch to clear my head. 

Ack, what a day! I thought, on my way back to my office. As I got off the elevator, I said a prayer. And then I added in a little request: “Please, God, let me know it’ll all be okay. Send me an Oreo as a sign.” I pictured someone coming up to my desk at work and presenting me with a single Oreo.

It was an absurd thought. One that stemmed from a discussion earlier in the day with some friends over text about the newly released “The Most Stuff” Oreos, aka Oreos stuffed with the most creme ever.

I made it back to my desk and promptly forgot all about my Oreo prayer. Hours passed. Around four o’clock, I saw my colleagues Hilary and Elena cutting something in a plate by their desks. There was a leftover cupcake from a meeting in the office. “We’re cutting it into three pieces for all of us,” Hilary said.  

I politely declined, then gave in (resisting sweets isn’t my strong suite!) 

“I think it’s cookies-and-cream flavored,” Elena said. 

I took a bite. And it hit me. Cookies and cream? I was eating an Oreo cupcake! I asked around. Apparently it was the only Oreo cupcake in the whole batch. 

Not only did God send me a little sign, but I learned a lesson too: Sometimes an answer to prayer doesn’t show up in the way you expect!

Have you ever received an unexpected answer to prayer? Share your story below or email us here.

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