A Sweet Surprise in an Onion

You never know where you're going to find a heart.

Posted in , Apr 4, 2017

An onion holds a loving surprise.

I’ve written before about how I see hearts everywhere I go. It seems like once a day, sometimes more often.

In fact, if you looked on my phone, you’d find photo after photo of hearts I’ve stumbled upon in nature or on a random brick wall in New York City or in my bowl of cereal. (It’s almost embarrassing the number of times I’ve stopped in my tracks to photograph a heart-shaped leaf or piece of gum stuck on the sidewalk!)

So I was delighted the other day when I received an email from writer Delace Canada, a regular Guideposts contributor, with a photo of a heart-shaped wonder of her own.

Delace was in the middle of preparing dinner, stressed and in need of a little comfort from above, when she saw it. A heart in an onion...yes, an onion!

“When I cut into this purple onion I found this heart!” Delace wrote. “I felt God was saying to me, ‘My heart is with you.’ I had never seen an onion do this.”

Neither had I. Take a look at Delace’s amazing onion photo. What do you think it means? Just a fun surprise or something more?

Plus, I’d love to see your own heart photos. Share them with us on Facebook or in the comments below. 

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