A-to-Z Wonder from Space

An out of-this-world version of the ABC’s in NASA images of Earth taken from space

Posted in , Feb 5, 2016

Images of the alphabet as depicted in images taken of Earth from space by NASA.

The groundhog has spoken–spring is coming early!

But until those May flowers arrive, here’s a little wonder to keep you warm. The alphabet…in 26 images taken from space.

Adam Voiland, a science writer for the NASA Earth Observatory, was inspired to put together an out-of-this-world version of the ABCs after seeing a V-shaped smoke plume in a satellite image.

As Adam writes on the NASA Earth Observatory website, “That image made me wonder: could I track down all 26 letters of the English alphabet using only NASA satellite imagery and astronaut photography?” 

He managed to find each letter–over the course of three years!–in photos of rivers, islands, clouds and craters taken from up above. What resulted is a stunning collection of the alphabet like you’ve never seen it before. (Shown in the image above is the letter "Y," brought to you by an underground river in Namibia.)

The images, Adam told the Huffington Post, "show that we all live on the same remarkably beautiful, complex, and dynamic planet–a planet that is well worth understanding, not to mention protecting."

What a wonder-filled way to look at the world, don’t you think?

Images taken of Earth from space by NASA depicting letters of the alphpabet. Photos courtesy NASA Earth Observatory.

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