A True Story of God's Guidance

How does a story of God’s mysterious ways end up in Guideposts? Sometimes it just appears.

Posted in , Jul 5, 2011

Dick Sullivan

Through their 60-plus years of writing for Guideposts, John and Elizabeth Sherrill have encountered some incredibly inspiring stories, and shared them with us.

Now as they look back on their amazing journey of life and faith, the Sherrills are revisiting some of their favorites—survival stories, real life love stories, angel sightings and more—so that we can be inspired by them all over again.

My wife, Elizabeth, and I are often asked, “How do you find your stories?”

The answer is that, many times, we don’t find them; they find us. We’ll be on a trip somewhere, not even looking for a story, when all of a sudden there it is. A conversation overheard in a restaurant, an item in the local newspaper.

The first time I remember this happening was back in 1955. Elizabeth and I had gone from our home in New York to stay with a friend in Boston when a headline in the Boston Globe on our friend’s table caught our eye: “Man Buried Alive.”

The article reported that a welder had been working late and alone in a deep trench that ran through the center of West Roxbury, a nearby suburb, when the trench collapsed on him. It gave his name, Jack Sullivan, and the name of the hospital where he’d been taken. That was enough. We visited Jack in the hospital room, met his brother and talked to the man who’d found Jack just minutes before he would have suffocated.

A story had found us. And what a story it was; to this day it is one of the most astonishing experiences of God’s guidance we have ever encountered.

John worked with Jack’s brother, a fellow welder, to piece together the amazing sequence of events. To read about them, click here.

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