A Valentine’s Day “Coincidence”

Proof that love is a mysterious, miraculous thing that connects us all.

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What love really means on Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! I must say I love this holiday. For one thing, you can eat all the heart-shaped chocolate you like without anyone judging you too, too harshly. Plus, sometimes you get flowers delivered to work from your secret admirer (or, in my case, my parents!). Not to mention the colors are just lovely – lots of bright reds and hot pinks.

But even with that unbeatable color palette, Valentine’s Day can sometimes leave you feeling blue, especially if you’re single…and your secret admirer is your parents.

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Recently, though, I came across a story from Mysterious Ways reader Cathy Streeter of Sheridan, Wyoming that changed up my perspective on the holiday. It was too sweet not to share. Here’s Cathy’s story: 

“The winter of 1976 to 1977, I moved to Utah from Wyoming with my two daughters. My husband had died earlier that year and then, a few months later, doctors discovered that my two-year-old daughter Stacey would need hip surgery since both her hips were dislocated. The operation would be done at the Shriners Hospital for Children in Salt Lake City. Hence the temporary move to Utah.

My sister, Cindy, had quit her job to come live with me and help out with Stacey, who was in traction for several weeks before the surgery. February rolled around and Cindy and I looked for a Valentine to send to our 8-year-old kid brother, Denny, back home in Wyoming. We found a really cute one with an alligator named Alvin on the front and mailed it to Denny.

The next day, we got the very same Valentine in the mail. At first we were confused. Did Denny’s card get sent back somehow? But the card was addressed to Stacey. It was from Denny and my mom, a little pick-me-up for Stacey. Somehow, they’d picked out the very same card!

You could say it was pure coincidence. I say it was more than coincidence. Over the many miles between Wyoming and Utah, we had a love connection. One that reminded me there’s a mysterious force at work in our lives, one we can’t always see. I knew that Stacey would make it through surgery with flying colors. And she did.”

For me, Cathy’s story proves that Valentine’s Day is so much more than a holiday about romantic dinners and marriage proposals and giant stuffed bears holding giant boxes of candy. It’s about that mysterious, miraculous thing called love that connects us all, from couples to family to complete strangers.  

What about you? Have you ever experienced a “mysterious ways” on Valentine’s Day? Share it in the comments below or on Mysterious Ways Facebook! 

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