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How a hummingbird leads the way to a deeper faith in God

Posted in , Oct 8, 2014

A hummingbird in the State Botanical Garden of Georgia in Athens, Georgia

Welcome to my photography blog! I am a wildlife and nature photographer in Athens, Georgia, and Jesus is behind all I do as a photographer. 

I pray for the Lord to show me or to bring to me what He wants me to photograph, and He blesses me immeasurably. I believe the Lord reveals Himself to me through His nature, and feel this is a gift that allows me to see the raw beauty of creation through His eyes. 

I have an extreme passion for photographing wildlife (especially birds), flowers and nature. My favorite subject to photograph is hummingbirds.

In 2014, I developed a hummingbird trail for the State Botanical Garden of Georgia after I spent four summers researching where the hummingbirds feed and perch throughout the garden. My photography is displayed on the hummingbird trail maps and on the placards in the garden.

Today’s photo displays a Ruby-throated hummingbird at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. This hummingbird was photographed at marker #5 on the hummingbird trail.

Hummingbirds love to perch! They spend much of their lives perching on a variety of plants and trees. I noticed this hummingbird frequently landing on the Yucca plant, so I waited patiently with my small pop-up chair, camera and tripod.

Time and time again the hummingbird visited the Yucca plant and quickly became accustomed to my presence. Look at the hummingbird’s eyes. It knows I am there but is still very trusting of me.

I hope that you can see and feel my passion through my photography and that it draws you closer to Him!

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