An Extra Surprise For Mysterious Ways Fans!

One reader stumbled upon a surprise that made her day. Now Mysterious Ways wants to share her joy, with a free giveaway!

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We’ve received a wonderful response from readers ever since starting the Mysterious Ways blog and it’s about time I offer a little reward.


From now on, every week until the end of the year, I will choose a random commenter on this blog to win a VERY SPECIAL GIVEAWAY. All you have to do is:

1. Register on the Guideposts website (it’s free). If you try to comment below, there is a link right there asking you to register as well. It's really easy!

2. Leave a comment at the bottom of the most recent Mysterious Ways blog post.

That's it! Winners will be contacted at the email they provided during the registration process.

What fabulous prize awaits you? Well, this is Mysterious Ways, so to find out, you'll need to read this story sent to us by Natalie Heretz, of Utica, New York

“Tonight, I was lonely. My house was empty, and my heart felt the same. I need a good story to read, I thought. Something true and inspiring. Something to remind me of God’s love.

“Laying on the couch, I remembered a stack of books I had picked up at a used book sale last week. Maybe there was something there. I got up and pulled a book at random from the pile. It had a royal blue jacket with a golden circle of light surrounding a farm scene. I don’t remember buying this, I thought.

“I flipped it open and began reading. I couldn’t put it down. Not one, not two, but well over 100 true, inspiring stories. It was as if an invisible hand had gently placed it in mine. The 1988 edition of His Mysterious Ways.”

This week’s lucky commenter will soon share Natalie’s joy. He or she will get the brand new 2010 edition of His Mysterious Ways. A hardcover collection with more than 365 pages filled with evidence of God’s love.

Mysterious Ways

Next week, we’ll offer another great giveaway. What is it? There’s a hint in the previous paragraph.

So start commenting! Share a Mysterious Ways story of your own, or one you heard from a friend. Tell us how much you enjoyed a story, or how you just can’t believe it. What’s your favorite? We’re looking forward to reading your comments.

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