An Incredibly Fabulous Pink Dolphin

With a pink dolphin in the world, anything is possible! What else is out there?

Posted in , Sep 15, 2015

The pink dolphin spotted in Louisiana.

Here’s a little bit of wonder for you today. Something you may have seen floating around the Internet. A pink dolphin. That’s right…pink!

The pretty-in-pink bottlenose dolphin was first seen in the Calcasieu River, Louisiana, by charter boat captain Erik Rue in 2007. Fittingly, her nickname is Pinky. She’s thought to be a rare albino dolphin and is now believed to be pregnant!

Take a look at footage of the fabulous Pinky from Captain Rue.  

I don’t know about you, but the idea of living in a world with pink dolphins just brings me joy. Kind of makes you feel like anything is possible, like horses that tap dance and vegetables that taste like doughnuts.

Who knows what else is out there? 

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