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I wanted to return to college, but I couldn’t afford it. Could God find a way?

Posted in , Sep 14, 2010

The Department of Motor Vehicles

At the age of 36 I decided to return to college. As I signed the registration forms in the bursar’s office the cashier said, “The charge is five hundred and nineteen dollars. If you do not have the money now, you can pay next week when you start your first class.”

I didn’t have the money then. In fact, I wasn’t sure I’d have it the next week either, but my desire to complete my education was strong. “Dear Lord,” I prayed as I left the office, “if you want me to do this, help me to find a way.”

In the late afternoon I stopped at the Department of Motor Vehicles to renew my driver’s license. After scanning my forms the clerk asked me about a name transfer I had made several years earlier on my car. Then she excused herself to confer with a supervisor. What now? I fretted. “Give it to her,” I heard the supervisor say.

When the clerk returned, she was smiling. “We owe you some money on that transfer a few years back,” she said. “We’re going to give it to you now. It comes to five hundred and forty dollars.”

God had not only answered my prayer for the means to continue my education; he added a little bonus too!

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