Be Part of a Christmas Miracle

How one woman was a miracle for a little boy and spread the love of God.

Posted in , Dec 22, 2016

Be a Christmas miracle.

Miracles are very much a part of the Christmas season. Dr. Michael Brown, a pastor at Marble Collegiate Church in New York City, tells the story of a woman named LaVonn who he recalls one Christmas Eve in Mott, North Dakota, a small town on the prairies.

She was helping out in her dad’s store when a little boy, about five or six years old, came in. He was wearing a brown tattered coat with dirty, worn clothes beneath it. When he pulled off his cap, she saw that his hair was in disarray with cowlicks. His shoes were scuffed, and only one had lace. The boy browsed around the small toy section of the family hardware store, picked up several items, examined them one by one, and then carefully put them back on the shelf.

LaVonn’s dad walked over to the child and asked if he could help. The little boy said, “I’m looking for a gift for my brother.” After 20 minutes, the child picked up a toy airplane. He cradled it in his hands as if it were made of crystal and carried it to LaVonn’s father. “How much is this?” he asked. “My brother loves airplanes.” Her dad answered, “ How much money do you have?” The little boy reached into his tattered coat and pulled out a handful of change. He spread his money out on the counter and began to count. “I have twenty-seven cents,” he answered. Her dad picked up the coins, and announced, “Isn’t that something?” That airplane cost exactly twenty-seven cents! Wait here, and I’ll have it wrapped up for you.”

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The little boy walked out of the store with the gift wrapped nicely and a smile of total satisfaction on his face. LaVonn made her way back to the toy section where she found the plane’s shipping box and tag, she saw that it was priced to sell at $11.98. She never mentioned it to her father, nor did he say anything more about it, but she noted later, “My best gift that Christmas was seeing my dad’s love in action.”

When you sum up the first Christmas, it’s about the miracle of love given to us in the newborn child and the gift of salvation. This Christmas may we be a conduit of a miracle and spread the love of God. What miracles do people need today? Please share with us.

Lord, thank you for the miracles of the nativity story; may we be a channel of a love…be part of the miracle that others need this Christmas.

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