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“My child,” a voice said, “do not gaze into the stormy sea. Look above. Keep your eyes on me. I have ahold of you and I will not let go.”

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Mysterious Ways blogger Adam Hunter

This week, we expanded our Mysterious Ways staff, something we needed to do since more than 100,000 of you love our magazine! Wow. We knew these stories were powerful, and we are thankful for the opportunity to share them. Now that we know how much you like it, we’re not slowing down.

We’ve just finished our second August/September issue. I can’t wait to share it with you... but it won’t be in your mailboxes until late next month. If you haven’t re-subscribed already, make sure you do so you don’t miss out on these amazing true stories!

Here are some of my favorite passages from the upcoming issue to give you a sense of what we have in store:

“I wasn’t alone, in this golden place. There was a man, maybe in his forties. He was with a woman, a little younger than him. Dad? Mom? They’d both died many years ago, Dad at age 74 and Mom at 78. But here they were, Dad so strong, so handsome. And Mom so beautiful. ‘How can I be seeing you, when you’ve been dead all these years?’ I asked. My parents said nothing. No, not nothing. Their faces were filled with love, with that golden light. I tried to touch them, to hold them, but a wind kicked up, fast and strong...”

“The Four Visions Of Pauline Curtiss”
“The deck pitched and heaved. Spasms of lightning cast ghostly shapes. Pauline stared out at the swirling water, marveling at the sheer violence of nature. At any second she might be hurled to her death. A huge wave, the biggest of all, began to swell like some creature rising from the deep. She turned her head to the sky. The sea calmed, thunder and waves stilled. The clouds parted and a light shone through—through the sky and through Pauline. ‘My child,’ a voice said, ‘do not gaze into the stormy sea. Look above. Keep your eyes on me. I have ahold of you and I will not let go.’ Pauline tried to heed the warning, but she couldn’t fight another glance at the sea. The storm raged once again. She was sucked into the black water. ‘No!’ she cried out. ‘No!’ ”

“In a Silent Way”
I almost didn’t see her. I was heading into Pittsburgh, across the bridge over the Allegheny River, late for work, and she was little more than a shadow by the seven-foot fence that lined the edge. But I got a feeling that I’d missed something. I tapped the brake, adjusted my rearview mirror. Then I saw what I had missed—a young woman climbing over. I knew the stories about desperate souls who came to the bridge to take a fatal leap. Sometimes the police talked them out of it. Sometimes. I felt my throat clutch. I was the last person who should be on a bridge with a suicide jumper. I was beginning to think I couldn’t do anything right...”

“Somewhere in Quito”
“We were in the Botanical Gardens in Quito, Ecuador, 13,000 feet above sea level, the snow-dusted Andes encircling us. Clouds hung over the mountains and a brilliant rainbow pierced the canopy. I should have been happy, here on vacation with my wife, Carol. We had flown in to visit our oldest son, Sam, and his friend Ally, but an uneasiness hovered over me. Why was Sam here? Why couldn’t he get on with his life and go to medical school as we had planned? Why this aimless choice by a kid who normally kept his nose to the grindstone? I had always trusted him. Now I wasn’t so sure. On our flight from Virginia I shared my feelings with Carol. ‘Why does Sam need to backpack through the Andes for months, “finding himself,” when he never seemed lost in the first place?’ ”

Tell us what you think of Mysterious Ways. And send us your stories. You could be featured in an upcoming issue!

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