Did God Help Rescue an Eight-Year-Old Girl?

We have a winner for our His Mysterious Ways giveaway! Plus, the incredible story of the man who rescued a kidnapped girl.

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Read on to find out the winner of last week’s giveaway, learn what you can win this week, and discover evidence of God’s love in today’s stunning Mysterious Ways story:

Today’s Mysterious Ways comes from Fresno, California, where a little girl’s life hung in the balance…

Victor Perez hit the gas, sped up, turned the wheel. Next to him, a brown pickup truck with a white stripe on the side sped up too, not letting him get in front. Victor tried to move in front of the pickup again. The other driver glared angrily at him, shouted obscenities. Maybe it wasn’t the right guy, Victor thought. Maybe this wasn’t the same pickup that held a kidnapped eight-year-old inside.

But then Victor saw a tiny head pop up from the passenger seat. And any doubts he had went away. He tried to cut off the driver a third time. Finally, Victor managed to cut in front. The pickup screeched to a stop. The passenger door of the pickup flew open, and the girl tumbled out. The pickup backed up, turned, and sped away.

Victor jumped out of his truck to comfort the girl. When police arrived, Victor gave them the part of the pickup’s license plate number he remembered. The kidnapper was caught shortly afterwards. “You’re a hero,” people told Victor.

For Victor, however, there was another hero involved.

Normally, Victor works as a carpenter, busy most mornings. But work had slowed down. For the past few weeks, he’d been cutting wine grapes for minimum wage.

But today, there had been a light rain, just enough to call off work for the day. Instead, Victor was home, watching television. That’s when he saw the Amber Alert, that the eight-year-old had been kidnapped. Victor paid attention to the details. The suspect’s pickup truck was a brown Chevrolet, with a white stripe on the side.

He stepped outside to talk with his cousin a little while later. While they were speaking, a pickup truck drove by. A brown Chevrolet, with a white stripe on the side.

“God works in mysterious ways,” Victor says.

Mysterious Ways Giveaway

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