Dimes from Heaven

Have you ever received coins and regarded them as messages?

Posted in , Oct 20, 2010

A dime found on the sidewalk

We’ve all heard the song “Pennies from Heaven,” and several years ago, I wrote a story about people who were receiving pennies out of the blue—mostly lying on streets or in the bottom of their purses, but also in more random places. 

One young soldier was sent to Iraq shortly after his father died, and while there, he found pennies all over the place. This was especially unusual because he was living in a desert, and few people carried coins. The soldier felt the pennies were a signal from his father that the older man was watching over him. He returned home safely.

After the story appeared, I received several responses from people who wanted me to know that pennies were passé—they were receiving dimes! “Dylan, a good friend of mine drowned on a camping trip,” a teenager wrote. “Months later, a few of us started receiving dimes in odd places. None of us had ever heard about dimes from heaven.”

One evening the teens got together simply to talk about Dylan. After they went home, each found several dimes in odd places. “I think it’s his way of letting us know that he is safe and happy,” says one teen. “Every time I find a dime now, I have a sense of peace.”

“Just after my grandmother died, I started finding dimes in the oddest places,” says Susan. “I knew they were from her.” Susan has found dimes on the fireplace, in a stove under the burner, even arranged in little stacks. When her family moved to a new house, Susan opened the empty front closet door and saw a dime sitting in the corner. “I usually find dimes when I am having a troublesome time,” she says. “Then I am reminded of my grandma and I know that everything will be okay.”

Susan has started saving the dimes, and shares the stories with friends who often start to find their own dimes. To her the dimes are a special witness that there is life after death.

“Since my son passed away on January 6th, 2010, my family has been finding dimes,” says a woman we’ll call Anne. “The latest find really confirmed my belief that the dimes are messages from heaven.”

Anne’s son was in the Army Reserves. Recently his four-year-old cousin Benji was at a county fair and visited the Army National Guard booth. The soldiers gave him an Army wallet, and the little boy was thrilled. “The next day, Benji came to show me his new wallet,” Anne says. “He opened the wallet and pulled out a dime! I asked him where he got the dime. He told me that he had found it behind the bed in his sister’s room.”

“This was the room that my son always slept in while visiting his cousins,” Anne says. “I know my son was looking down on us that day and winking.”

What could these stories mean? Is there any spiritual significance to them? Have you ever received coins and regarded them as messages? Post below!

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