Dolphins to the Rescue!

Proof that all of God’s creatures are connected, even in the deepest parts of the ocean.

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British swimmer Adam Walker with the pod of dolphins that saved him from a shark

Earlier this week, I wrote about the miraculous conversation between a man with Alzheimer’s and his family’s dog. An unbelievable connection rooted in love.

I’m convinced that kind of connection goes beyond man’s best friend. All of God’s creatures are connected inexplicably, even in the darkest, deepest parts of the ocean.

Take swimmer Adam Walker. He’s on a mission, to be the first British person to successfully complete the Ocean’s Seven, a series of open-water swims throughout the world, from the English Channel to the Strait of Gibraltar. Last week, he took on Number 6–a 17-mile swim on the Cook Strait in New Zealand. Three hours in, he spotted something fearsome: a shark.

Luckily for Adam, there was no need to fear. About 10 dolphins appeared on the scene just in time, keeping watch over him for more than an hour and scaring off that pesky shark.

"I'd like to think they were protecting me and guiding me home!!!" Adam wrote on Facebook. "This swim will stay with me forever."





It only makes sense that they'd step in to save the day. You see, Adam swims to help raise awareness for whale and dolphin conservation. What an unforgettable thank-you for his efforts.

And a true miracle. Who else but God could’ve orchestrated such a beautiful moment?

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