Finding Peace After Rejection

Have you ever felt left out or rejected? Here's a helpful reminder of the one place where you'll always belong.

Posted in , Sep 16, 2016


Today’s guest blogger is Vianeris Ortiz, who works for Guideposts OurPrayer. She recently experienced a moment where she felt left out and rejected. That is, until God changed up her perspective!

Here’s her story…

It was the end of a long week and I was driving to work. I should’ve felt relieved that the weekend was coming. Instead, I was on edge. Insecure thoughts filled my head. An acquaintance of mine was throwing a party. Several people I knew had been invited. But not me.

I know it was silly, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Maybe because my divorce had just been finalized 60 days earlier. The logical side of my brain argued that there were any number of logistical reasons why I hadn’t been invited to the party – there were budgets to consider and family politics to navigate. The emotional side of my brain, though, argued just the opposite.

On the surface, I appeared tough and cool as could be. But I couldn’t help but feel “some type of way,” as my millennial children would say. I was flooded with memories of being a tall, flat-chested, skinny, frizzy-haired kid. The kid that got picked last for dodge ball in gym class and never got invited to prom.

I pictured the party and how everyone I knew would be there having a great time over the weekend. They’d probably post photos on social media and talk about how good the food was and how great the music sounded. Meanwhile, I’d be sitting at home watching TV, eating chips and coconut gelato…again!

I sighed as I came to a stoplight and stopped the car. Just as I did, several words popped into my head.

God has a place for you at His table.

It was such an “aha!” moment for me, I nearly ran that red light. The reality of those words hit me. God had set a place for me. In fact, He’d been reserving a spot for me since before I even came into existence, before the beginning of time.

The maker of Heaven and earth picked me. Me! The former awkward, frizzy-haired kid. And the current gelato-eating divorcee. There was nothing special I had to do to earn that spot. God delighted in me just because He loved me.

I drove the rest of the way to work with a smile on my face. Did it really matter that some person not even related to me hadn’t invited me to her party? I had the one invitation that really mattered! 

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