Finding Strength in the Joy of God

Despite the most stressful day, there is an opportunity to feel and express joy.

Posted in , Jan 21, 2016

Fight worry, find strength in the joy of God.

While problems occur each and every day that may wear us down, we can still experience the joy of God. Joy is a powerful and contagious thing that is available to us all of the time.

While traveling for business from New York to Oklahoma City, I encountered a cheerful individual in an unexpected place. As I was walking from one airport terminal to another, I heard an employee at a food kiosk say, “Welcome to the happy zone.” With a huge smile on her face, she then began to sing an array of uplifting songs.

One song that stood out was, “I sing because I am happy. I sing because I am free.” As she sang the lyrics, it hit me; I understood where her joy was coming from…the Lord.

Happy people are not ruled by worries, fears or insecurities. As Nehemiah said to the people as they rebuilt their city in distress, “Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” And this woman gave witness to the power and strength of the joy of the Lord. As she stood in a hectic and stressful place, she shared her joy of Him with others around her.

The joy of the Lord is our strength in good times and bad. No matter what kind of the day we are having, it is always present. But we must embrace it and sing like no one’s listening. What is your song? How do you express the joy of the Lord? Please share with us.

Lord, let my heart be filled with joy, and let me bless others with a joyful heart and song.

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