Footsteps on the Beach

Remembering a tough 2015, praying for a blessed 2016

Posted in , Jan 15, 2016

Diana Aydin prays for a blessed 2016 while looking at footprints on the beach in Florida.

How quickly things change. Last week, I was in sunny Florida on vacation visiting my parents. This week, I’m in freezing cold New York City, sporting a winter coat that looks like a sleeping bag.

Thankfully, though, my memories from the last day of vacation will keep me warm until at least February. My mom, sister and I spent the entire day on the beach. It was windy, but beautiful. I walked down to the shore by myself. I have this little tradition–at the end of a beach day or vacation, I like to say a little prayer to God while looking out at the ocean. The beach is where I feel most connected to God.

This time, I prayed for a blessed 2016. The past year was kind of tough for me–I questioned God’s presence many a time in 2015! On the beach, though, I was filled with peace. I took a few snapshots of the shore to remember the moment, then walked back to my beach chair.

I flipped through the images on my phone. That’s when I noticed something intriguing in the photos I’d just taken. Something I hadn’t seen before.

Footsteps. All along the shore. I was instantly reminded of the famous Footprints poem: “During your times of suffering, when you could see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.”

That certainly put my 2015 in perspective. And gave me hope for the New Year. I knew, for certain, my prayer had been heard loud and clear.

What miracles and wonders are you hoping for in 2016? Share below!

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