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Mysterious Ways retracts a story from our February/March issue.

Posted in , Apr 30, 2015

Brett Parks

At the request of author Brett Parks, Mysterious Ways is retracting the story entitled, “First Responder,” which was published in the February/March 2015 edition.

We strive to make sure that the author is happy with the final piece, and that the published article reflects the author’s experience. A miscommunication on our part resulted in us publishing a version of Brett Parks’ story that he had not approved. When informed of this, we immediately pulled the story down from our website and removed it from the digital edition.

Fortunately, Brett has written a book that details his experience for interested readers, Miracle Man: A Bullet That Ignited a Purpose-Filled Life:

“October 17, 2012 started as any other day for Navy airman and fitness trainer Brett Parks until he heard screams for help. Without hesitation, he ran towards the sound and apprehended the mugger, unaware that the criminal had a gun. Moments later, the attacker fired a devastating shot directly into Brett s body.

The bullet shredded Brett's kidney, pierced his intestines, and destroyed several inches of the largest vein in his body. Three sets of surgeons’ hands applied pressure inside Brett's open stomach to stop the bleeding while nurses delivered coolers full of blood to the operating room every 15 minutes. As the medical team worked fervently to save Brett's life, his wife received the bleak news that their unborn daughter and young son may grow up without a father.

But the God whom Brett had given his life to years before had other plans…”

I encourage anyone interested in Brett’s story to check it out. Miracle Man: A Bullet That Ignited a Purpose-Filled Life, is published by Emerald-International and will be available for purchase in paperback  or digital format on May 1 at

Guideposts as an organization prides itself in publishing true stories sent to us by our readers. The Mysterious Ways staff remains committed to helping people share their incredibly powerful stories.

Got a story of your own? Send it to us! 

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