God's Love Protects Dogs, and Their Owners, in Danger

Two dogs, two dramatic rescues. A firefighter saves a dog; a dog saves a family from a fire.

Posted in , Jul 19, 2013

Mysterious Ways blogger Adam Hunter

Two stories from the news last week remind us that all creatures—big and small—are being watched over.

I’d imagine it’s a well-known fact among Guideposts and Mysterious Ways readers that our editorial staff loves animals. Nearly every issue of Mysterious Ways so far has included at least one story involving the furrier, floppier, even “more flippery” members of our society. But this isn’t solely because of our affection for these critters... the truth is, we can’t ignore how often dogs, cats, even killer whales help give us a glimpse of a power beyond our understanding.

Take, for example, two stories from the news this week about canines in peril.

Rescuer in the right place, right time.

In Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, a family’s Chow, left home alone, managed to climb over a child safety barrier affixed to an open window and got trapped on the ledge, two stories above the street. The dramatic rescue, filmed by a passerby, went viral on YouTube:

None of the onlookers knew how to get the dog down, and everyone was afraid it would fall before firefighters could arrive with a ladder.

They didn’t need to worry. The first responders came from not too far away—just down the block, in fact. A civilian FDNY communications worker was on a job there... with his cherry picker. Having the right equipment in the right place at the right time allowed the Chow to be quickly and safely returned to the ground.

Saved by a keen canine nose.

Then there’s the story of a mastiff mix named Bear. In May, Bear was found wandering the streets near Islip, New York, apparently abandoned by his owner. He was brought to an animal shelter. On July 5, Carolyn Swinson, a retired homicide detective, adopted Bear and brought him home.

Less than two weeks later, in the middle of the night, Carolyn was awakened by something pressing on her chest. She opened her eyes: Bear was standing on her. He began barking like mad.

Was this dog crazy? Then Carolyn coughed. She smelled smoke.

She sprung out of bed, grabbed her 9-year-old grandson, who was asleep in the next room, and fled the house, along with Bear, just in time to see flames engulf the house.

“I lost a lot of stuff, but I have my life, which I attribute to this dog,” Carolyn told NBC 4 New York. She’s thankful that Bear came into her life when he did—a fact she believes was more than a coincidence. She plans to bring Bear to a place this weekend where she can show her gratitude.

“He’s going to church Sunday,” Carolyn said.

Two dogs, two dramatic rescues. A firefighter saves a dog; a dog saves a family from a fire. What brought the FDNY communications worker to that spot at that moment to rescue the dog on the ledge? What would have happened if Carolyn hadn’t brought Bear home to live with her when she did? Stories like these remind us that even the lives of the smallest of creatures play a pivotal role in a master plan greater than anything we can imagine.

How has “perfect timing” helped protect you, your loved ones or your furry friends? Keep sending your stories to us!

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