God's Perfect Timing

A late night at the office and a little mental break leads to an unexpected famly connection!

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A perfectly timed family reunion!

I’m constantly amazed at God’s perfect timing. He can turn something as simple as a 5-minute mental break into something far more wondrous.

That’s what happened to my fellow editor Nicole Notare. Last week, just as I was packing up to head home for the night, she rushed up to my desk with a big smile on her face. It could only mean one thing.

“I have a small lunch-break miracle for you!” she said.

Here’s Nicole’s story:

I’m blessed to have a job I love, but it was a day of back-to-back deadlines, and I was feeling the stress! Before I knew it, it was almost 5 pm, and I hadn’t eaten lunch. I grabbed a sandwich from the deli around the corner and hurried back to my desk to tackle the next item on my to-do list.

Although, taking a quick Facebook break seemed much more appealing…

Nah, I’ve got to keep going! I told myself, trying to fight the urge to procrastinate. But I gave in.

The first item on my newsfeed was a photo of One World Trade Center posted by my aunt Tammy. The building is just a few blocks from the Guideposts office!

“Are you here now?” I commented, unsure if the photo was recent or not. “I work nearby!” My husband and I live nearly three hours from her and my uncle and hadn’t seen them since our wedding two years earlier.

A few seconds later, a notification popped up on my screen. “Yes!” she said. “We knew you worked here, but we thought you’d be home by now. We’re at Duane Park. We’d love to see you!”

I grabbed my purse and dashed over there. There was my aunt with my uncle and little cousin, Jack. Turns out they’d been a few minutes early for their dinner reservation, and they’d planned to head home after that. If I hadn’t taken that little Facebook break I would’ve missed them.

I never imagined a little procrastination would lead to a mini family reunion that completely turned my day around! But that’s how God works, isn’t it?

Has God ever amazed you with his perfect timing? Share your story below.

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