Happy Miracles Anniversary!

To celebrate this blog's first birthday, here are a few amazing stories from readers.

Posted in , Mar 6, 2015

Happy Birthday to Lunch-Break Miracles! Photo by Ruth Black, Thinkstock.

This week marks the one-year anniversary of Lunch-Break Miracles! Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday I wrote my first blog post, explaining the idea behind a “lunch-break miracle.”

What an adventure it’s been so far, tracking miracles across the country–and the world!–including a few of my own. But the best part of it all has been hearing from you. I love reading the comments you’ve left on the blog about the miracles that have changed your life.

So, to celebrate Lunch-Break Miracles’ first birthday, I’d like to share a few of my favorite reader-submitted miracles. Stories that show God speaks to us in ways both big and small, but always amazing. Enjoy!

From Jill Lawson
"In August 2001, I donated a kidney to my mother who had been suffering from end stage renal disease for two years. Unfortunately, she passed away five months later from a stroke and heart failure. Amazingly, I met a man at her funeral who later became my husband and we have been blessed for the past 12 years.

"I will always believe that my mother orchestrated this meeting, because she told me before our kidney transplant that she hoped she would live to see me happy."

From Shirley Chapel
"When I was a young married woman I had been with a friend for a visit. We were talking about working and careers. As a stay-at-home mother I wondered what I was meant to do with my life. Later when I returned home I asked myself the question out loud.

"What was I meant to do with my life? Instantly I heard a voice speak to me very clearly. To serve others, the voice said. I looked around and was kind of shocked when I realized Who had spoken to me. I have never forgotten it."

From Teresa Ryals
I've had many miracles in my life. The one that stands out is this...I was in nursing school in 1996, my son was 10. It was Christmas break and I had $15.00 to my name. I was distraught. How was there going to be Christmas for my son, my only child? We were having Christmas dinner at relatives, so we would have food.

"I had worried and prayed. A week before Christmas, I went to the mailbox. There was a letter from the college I attended. Seems there was some leftover money from a grant. I had a check for $189.00. I started crying and hit my knees right there in the driveway. God provided then and He still provides now. He is Good all the time."

From Ina Murray
"Throughout my adult life, I have prayed ‘reckless prayers’. By reckless, I mean, I ask God for something special to do for Him that could bring people closer to Him. 

"AND HE HAS. He has given me things to do that are above my ability. And then He has provided the ability to do them Amazing! These are everyday miracles, and they have happened to me for over 70 years, ever since I was 17 years old. Trust and obey!!! God Bless all who read this.'

From Evelyn Evans
"My mother struggled with congestive heart failure for about three years before she passed away. Her legs would be so full of fluid we would have to lift them on the bed for her. After she passed away, my aunt said, ‘Girls, she now has butterfly wings instead of fluid filled legs!’

"We had a grave side service for her and that December morning when we got the cemetery it was only about 30 degrees. After the service, the community served us lunch. When we came of the building, my sister said ‘Oh, Evelyn look at that little butterfly!’

"There it was just flitting close to us when on a cold December morning, there should not have been a butterfly anywhere close. That just confirmed that she did have butterfly wings! What an awesome God to let us get glimpses of these things."

From Robyn Salaver
Just after resigning my job to go to college full-time, my husband lost his, my teenage stepson moved in with us, and my mother-in-law, who lived out of state, was diagnosed with stage-4 cancer, requiring the family to fly back and forth to be with her and for her funeral.

"This left us in a financial bind. I decided to go back to work to help, but had no idea how to find something that would allow me earn enough money for us and remain in school. Then I heard God clearly tell me to go to my optometrist's office.

"I felt a little crazy when I walked in the door. But sure enough, a vacancy had just become available. The job was enjoyable and the hours flexible. I continued my education and even stayed on for a while after I graduated. It was a great job and my boss became my best friend of 14 years now. It couldn't have been more perfect."

From Tanya Padget
While living overseas I received a call from my mother that she had cancer. Devastated after hearing the news I went home to be with her. I had come home to be with my mom and to look for a home for my husband and me. When I had arrived back to the States, I bought a cell phone.

"My first call was to my mom. I called to tell her I had a new cell number and that I was going to start looking for homes. Little did I know that not only was she writing down my new number she was drawing a picture of our new home that was to be five years later.

"Almost five years later she lost her battle with cancer. We decided to look for a home in other states and decided on a house on a mountain in NC. The road to the house had daisies along the way. Daisies were my mom's favorite flowers.

"Because of the daisies I felt a tug at my heart and this house was sent to be our own. After unpacking our things and my mom’s things I came across something that startled me.

"The notepad that my mother had scribbled my phone number on had a picture of the house that she had drawn and the house looks very similar to the house that we bought and that we are living in today. I have pictures. And as I write this there are wild daisies around our home. Miracles do happen. :)”

What about you? What miracles stand out when you look back on your life? Share your story in the comments below!  

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