Heavenly Protection During Natural Disasters

Stories of divine rescue from tornados, snowstorms, wildfires and more.

Posted in , Sep 17, 2021

Thunderstorm clouds over Kansas; Getty Images

Everyone has weathered storms in life, some more literal than others. The following stories are from people who found heavenly protection from natural disasters, deepening their faith in the process. Each true tale proves that God never leaves our side—whether the storm we’re experiencing is a challenging time, or an actual tornado.

Protected from a Tornado

“All teachers and students, please seek safety immediately,” the principal announced over the intercom. “Tornado drill.” The sky was dark, lightning flashed, thunder roared, hail pelted the roof. In the distance, sirens wailed. Teacher Nikki McCurtain knew this was no drill. But as she led her students to safety, she tried to draw on God’s strength. As she told the children to crouch down and cover their heads, Nikki started to pray…

Read about Nikki’s prayer here.

Saved from a Wildfire

Thunder boomed above Douglas Scott Clark’s head, so loud the ground reverberated under his feet. A flash of lightning bleached out the sky. Douglas was out in the Smokey Mountains, hunting with his dogs when the storm started. But he didn’t turn back. Instead, he continued on. Until he saw something that made him stop in his tracks. As Douglas watched, a bright, luminous sphere descended from the clouds. The phantom ball hovered a few inches above the ground, then moved around the mountain, leaving a trail of flames in its wake. And it was headed right for him!

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Warned by a Voice

Like so many people in the Northeast, Nicole Notare would never forget hurricane Sandy, the superstorm that killed over a hundred people and left thousands more homeless. The damage was incredible. And, a week after the storm hit, Nicole was still cleaning up the damage down to her own property. While removing fallen braches from her car, she heard a voice. “Move,” it said.

At first, Nicole thought she was just hearing things. But then, it spoke again: “Move.” The voice was calm. Insistent. So Nicole listened.

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Rescued from Ruins

Bang! Amy Molinaro woke and opened her eyes to… darkness. Unnatural darkness. No streetlight seeping between the blinds. Suddenly, something heavy and hard fell on her, pinning her against the mattress. The air was thick, suffocating. Was she dreaming? No. The crushing weight was all too real. She twisted left and right, but couldn’t get free. She was stuck.

Find out what happened to Amy here.

Calmed in a Storm

The tornado was fast approaching. Out driving on the highway, it was too late for Linda and her husband, Nick, to take shelter. Instead, they just pulled over. The sky darkened. The wind howled. Before they could brace themselves, the wind spun the car. Linda and Nick tried to get as low as they could. Glass shattered. When Linda glanced up, the dashboard was gone, ripped away by the wind. Only wires left, blue and red, dangling. Then she saw it. A flash of copper on the floor under the dashboard wires. A penny!

Read more about Linda’s penny here.

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