How Can You Spot a Sign from God?

Diana Aydin wonders what really makes something a message from above.

Posted in , Aug 7, 2015

rainbow over mountains

At Mysterious Ways, we share stories about divine signs all the time. From a greeting card that comforted a grieving widower to a phone cord in the shape of a heart. And I’ll never forget one of the first stories I worked on at Guideposts about an expecting mom who received a remarkable sign in her sonogram photo.

But lately I’ve been wondering what makes a sign from God, well, a sign from God.  It’s easy to tell with the big things, like a thumbs-up sign in a sonogram image. What about the small stuff, though?

It’s been on my mind a lot these days because I keep receiving these “little hints”. You see, I’m planning a vacation with my sisters and it feels as if God is guiding me towards a very specific destination. To some it might seem like nothing more than coincidence. I can’t help but see something greater at work.

I’ll write more about my “little hints” later, once my vacation plans are finalized. In the meantime, I’d love to know what you think.

In your eyes, what’s a sign from God? How do you personally decide whether something’s from God and not just wishful thinking or your imagination at work?

Share your thoughts below, as well as any images of signs you’ve received, big or small. I’ll compile our responses into a future blog post so we can better understand God’s wonder in the world. 

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