How to Read God’s Signs

Earlier this month, I asked your help in figuring out what makes something a sign from God and not just wishful thinking. I was blown away (as usual!) by your responses—including some stunning photos of visual signs you’ve received.   

Of course, everyone had a slightly different take on messages from above. But there was a common theme that emerged from your answers…don’t overthink it!

Like the old adage for finding love—when you know, you know.

That practical advice really cleared things up for me. Maybe signs don’t require a ton of analysis or back-and-forth internal debate. But rather, an intuition or gut feeling that what you’ve experienced has come from God. And a leap of faith. Even if your sign doesn’t seem like a sign to anyone but you.

Check out this slideshow to see how your fellow readers answered the question “How can you spot a sign from God?” Plus, don’t forget to weigh in with your thoughts—and photos—below! –Diana Aydin