Inspiring, Illuminated Miracles

Inspiring, Illuminated Miracles

Life is a never-ending battle between light and dark, a theme that can be found in nearly every Mysterious Ways story. Mystical moments cut through the shadows with reassurance and brilliance—and sometimes literally, as these unaltered photos from readers reveal.

  • Light in the shape of a cross appears on the side of a house

    Multiple sclerosis often keeps me from gardening, one of my favorite hobbies. A dear friend came by and planted tulips to cheer me up. On the day they bloomed, my husband took this picture. As my friend says, sometimes God gives you a sign that he is.—Martha Williams, South Portland, Maine

  • Brigette Honey poses for a picture, as a halo miraculously appears above her head

    The morning Brigette Honey of Huntsville, Alabama, was scheduled to deliver twins, her husband, Chris, stopped her for a quick photo before driving to the hospital. The twins were delivered successfully, but Brigette was diagnosed with amniotic-fluid embolism, a condition only 20 percent of affected women survive. Family rallied around Chris. But his greatest comfort? The photo he’d taken earlier. A halo appeared to encircle Brigette’s head. “God was watching over us,” Chris says. Brigette pulled through.—Tyler Burdick, Editorial Intern

  • A perfect memorial candle in Connie's home, formed as the morning light streamed through the blinds

    My husband and I were married 46 years before he passed away. I woke up one morning just plain missing him and headed to the living room. That’s when I saw this on my front door. A perfect memorial candle, formed as the morning light streamed through the blinds.—Connie Schultz, Mesa, Arizona

  • A pair of crosses in a Norfolk, Nebraska, fireworks show

    In 2001, St. John’s Lutheran Church in Norfolk, Nebraska, celebrated its centennial with a barbecue. To top off the evening, one of the organizers, Brett Simenson, arranged a fireworks show. He asked his neighbor to capture the event with his camera. The neighbor got some great shots, especially the very first one. There should have been only one cross, perched atop the church’s bell tower, but in the photo there clearly were two.—Daniel Hoffman, Assistant Editor 

  • A brilliant ray of light across Dillon’s back looked an awful lot like a flaming sword of protection

    I was nervous as could be when my middle son, Dillon, deployed to Afghanistan in 2013. That is, until I saw this photo taken of us days before he left. To this anxious mama, the brilliant ray of light across Dillon’s back looked an awful lot like a flaming sword of protection. Sure enough, my boy came home safe.—Patti Stone Sells, Sulphur Springs, Texas

  • The ichthys symbol, reflected on a wall from an unknown source

    Overwhelmed and frustrated. That’s how I felt walking back from the Laundromat one afternoon, consumed with the many problems facing my loved ones. I glanced up at the wall of the building facing me and gasped when I saw this, the ichthys symbol. I searched high and low for the source of the reflection, but found none.—Betty Hutchens, Palm Desert, California 

  • A cross against a condolence card's image of a beautiful, prairie sunset

    I had just finished writing a condolence note to the family of my long-time friend, Joan. Her passing touched my soul. What would life be like without her? I stood up from my desk to take a break. When I returned, I stopped in awe. The morning sun streaming through the window had created a beautiful display across the condolence carda cross against the card's image of a beautiful, prairie sunset. The message was clear: All was well with Joan.—Linda Allen, Drummond, Oklahoma



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